Walk to Cure Arthritis in Boston


Hello? Hello??? Is anyone out there???????

Oh good. :) Let’s just ignore the fact that I haven’t been around or blogging and just continue going forward, MMMkkkk???

The Walk to Cure Arthritis in Boston was Sunday, 9/14 and it was FANTASTIC! My first one in Boston since I moved 18 months ago and I had a great time. Here’s a little recap. :)





We raised over $200,000 and had over 900 people registered online before Sunday. We’re still waiting for the final numbers to come in, but I think we had well over 1500 people there!



IMG_0119 Massage Envy was there and I’m looking forward to getting my massage today for the Healing Hands for Arthritis event. Don’t forget, for every massage received on Wednesday, 9/17, $10 will go towards the Arthritis Foundation to find a cure. :)


We had an amazing food tent. Odd Fellows and Rebekahs provided hot dogs, chips, and water for lunch to all the walkers. I picked up an orange, a banana, and a Whole Foods 365 Granola Bar while I was there too. Oh and let’s not forget the Green Smoothies from b.Good! YUM!



and let’s not forget about one of our special guests…


Wally from the Red Sox! It was awesome to meet him, especially since I went to my first Red Sox game only a few days prior!

But one of the things we implemented this year was the Cutest Dog Contest.


We had the most dogs we’ve ever had at the Walk to Cure Arthritis – Boston and had over 100 people vote on the cutest dog!  Here’s our cute “Arthritis is RUFF” tent. :)IMG_0104



7 years as a volunteer and PROUD OF IT! IMG_0146


If you didn’t get a chance to donate before Sunday, no problem. We’re still accepting donations. To donate, click on this link: http://walktocurearthritisboston.kintera.org/kpeachey

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Life Lately


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Reading… Do audio books count as “reading”?  I think they do and they are great for commuters, especially when you have access to your public library…which i now do! So, I’m “reading” Gone Girl.

Watching…probably too much. But some of my summer favorites: The Last Ship (pretty interesting given the Ebola outbreak!) and Extant (amazing with Halle Berry). Some of my long time summer favorites are Falling Skies, Covert Affairs, and Royal Pains.

Excited about…the upcoming weekend. 4 day weekend for me!! I’m going to Maine, a BBQ, oh and the fact that i hit over 300 followers on Instagram. Super excited! Come follow me. :)

Working on…gardening. The weather has been in the mid-70s as of late and we’re really taking advantage of the nice weather to be outside. Once the weather turns, we’ll be updating the inside of the house.

Making me happy…temporary tattoos or the thought of them. cooler weather. sunflowers. boots. nail wraps.

Frustrated with…my health. it’s been a struggle for the last few weeks. I’m really proud of the fact that I ran 4 times last week and biked twice but I’m still dealing with some indigestion issues. I’m keeping a food diary and really watching what I’m eating. So, we’ll see.

Missing…Robin Williams.

Dreaming of…football season. I CAN’T WAIT!!

What are you guys up to lately?

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