Date Night Ideas


Marriage. Such a precious gem. You must take care of it. Admire it. Nurture it. And, its HARD!! ITS REALLY, hard. You need to work at it.

Take the idea of a date when you were actually single or in a relationship – before marriage. You knew how to create a date, prepare for that date, GO ON THAT DATE, and enjoy that date. When your married, that’s hard because it’s too easy to to let things slide, like time with each other.

Our idea of a date had become Homie D’s and a pizza. As you can imagine, I got sick of Homie D’s and a pizza being good enough for dates and decided to fix this myself. After browsing Pinterest for an idea, I came across the “Date Night Package”. Once I looked into it more, I knew I could do that. So, I did! And of course, this coincided perfectly with his birthday.

What is Date Night Package? Well Shannon Brown describes it as creating separate dates, once a month. “Each labeled with a month of the year.  And each envelope contains a pre-planned, (mostly) pre-paid date.” And what would you know, she did this for the entire year!! Now, I didn’t get crazy or anything. I only did it for the next 6 months and we LOVED it!! We liked it so much, I created the package for 2012, and you guessed it, for Mr. P Christmas present. We decided to continue the adventure after we moved to Boston. This has allowed us to explore the area together and create some amazing memories.

If you are looking for something creative to give to your significant other as a gift, possibly limited on expenses, but LOVE adventure, do this idea (and let me know that you did!)!! This truly improved our marriage. We had a guaranteed date night and we didn’t fight it. We actually looked forward to the next one.


Here are The Dates we experienced, so far:

Here are some helpful tips for your successful package:

  1. Keep him AND you in mind. Although going shopping for a new dress would be exciting for me, and Mr. P wouldn’t mind going per say, that’s not really getting to know each other better. You know your significant other better than anyone else. That’s why you’re married!
  2. Look to the past for ideas! What did you like doing when you were dating? Before the kids/fur-babies? Was it having a beer at a local pub? Going to the Zoo? Think back and think deep.
  3. Look at Groupon, LivingSocial, HomeRun,WeeklyPlus and whatever coupon deal sites you can find for the best interactive ideas and savings! Using these sites were exactly how we were able to go White Water Rafting in August. Otherwise, we wouldn’t of, because quite frankly, we’re on a tight budget.
  4. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. I mean, I kept movie night really simple, and it was one of our favorite dates. Why? Because it had purpose. :)
  5. Stumped on the creative ideas? Need something SUPER CHEAP? Check out this site: Nifty Date Ideas. ITS SO AWESOME!

Have questions? Honestly…if you need help or have questions or want to ask me whatever, please do. You can email me at and I will try to help you in any way I can! I know its really nice having someone who is going through it (or went through it) and knows how hard it is to come up with ideas.

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