xylophone in the forest

Hi Everyone!

So, I’m a bad blogger. I say I’m going to post once a week and I can barely do that! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!!! Will you please forgive me?

My house has been in mad panic mode lately. We’ve had to get everything prepared for my father-in-law’s arrival. I haven’t seen him since my wedding…which was 4 YEARS AGO!! He made it safely, which is fantastic since he is from the United Kingdom! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I married a BRIT!! Accent and all. HOORAY!

So, the boys are off playing and I’m trying to find inspiration!!I have a couple of ideas coming my way, but sometimes you just need something SO BREATH-TAKING to put you in the mood!

A friend of mine shared this wonderful website which is the epitome of breath-taking.  It’s so breath-taking in fact that my JAW IS STILL ON THE FLOOR.  I LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF.  Like Anthology said, its “… a truly inspiring vision of what can be accomplished when creative minds work collectively to put a project into motion.” I surely (Did your jaw drop?)

discovered on Anthology
video by Invisible Designs Lab
to promote the Touch Wood SH-08C (a limited-edition phone with a solid wood body)


6 thoughts on “xylophone in the forest

  1. So you managed to keep him over there then? Bet my wife would like to know how you did that. (yes she’s American too, and I’m a brit 😉 )

    Know your trouble with keeping up with the blog, struggling to think of things worth reading. Maybe I worry to much?


  2. That is so wonderfully amazing. What an awesome thing to have constructed in such a beautiful setting. Thank you for sharing. And you are not the only one who sets writing goals only to not meet them! @andreager on Twitter


  3. That video was neat! I didn’t realize your husband was British, how old was he when he came to the U.S.? How wonderful that you’re getting to spend some more time with your father-in-law!


    • Thanks Felicia! 🙂 Yup, he is; born and raised! He didn’t come over until we got married. That’s a story in itself – How to survive a long (6,000 miles long) distance relationship.


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