So, my birthday snuck up on me this year. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!

It was this last Sunday. Yup, Sunday, May 1.

Yes, I am OBSESSED with CUPCAKES!! I really want one of those. RIGHT NOW!

Anyways, I turned the 2-7! FINALLY, I’M ONE MORE YEAR CLOSER TO 30. I know, I’m one of the stranger 20-somethings who is dying to be in her 30s. Call me crazy, but I think life is truly more exciting in your 30s. AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, I MIGHT ACTUALLY START TO LOOK LIKE A YOUNG ADULT!! (Instead of the teenager I’m deemed to be. Trust me, its not all that cracked-up to be, but I’m LEARNING TO DEAL!)

This last year has been a true test!


I survived my hip issues

I found Zumba, and then proceeded to FALL DEEPLY, MADLY IN LOVE!

Hubby and I grew closer together. (YAY! Always a bonus in my book!)

We survived the hit-and-run car accident of my dog Mizar (you can read that story here: Karma)

New found passion in my life —

  • Thrift-shopping
  • Crafting
  • DIYing
  • Antiquing
  • And $1 dollar store hunting

I have learned so much about myself this past year, and I hope that I can continue to grow.

But, I think we always need to set goals for ourselves.

I hope in the next year to finish some projects! (hehehehehehehe!)

  • Like the KITCHEN (um…yeah *blushes*)
  • The Guest Bedroom
  • The Credenza come Dressing Table (for the guest bedroom)

  • Along with finishing our ‘Get rid of the 2011 Crap Year’

TA-DA!! There are my birthday wishes this year. Probably not the most revealing or inspiring of goals, but when most of the projects have been lurking this past year (or 3), it takes some soul-digging to want to finish. Especially true with an auto-immune disease such as ankylosing spondylitis. (A disease I’ve been able to manage successfully, but boy does it zap the energy out of you quick!)

SO…..What do you wish on your birthday? Do you still blow out candles? (Truth behold, I get a little upset if candles aren’t involved!)

Or do you set those wishes/goals aside as New Year’s resolutions?

Is there really a difference?

Until next time, have a Peachey Day!

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  1. Wishing you a great year. Twenty-seven is a good age. I think I truly felt like an adult then. Hope you achieve whatever goals you set and get to eat lots of cupcakes no matter what the occasion.


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