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Friday night started off like any other. I made it to Zumba, made dinner and relaxed in-front of the TV. All was set on schedule to go to bed early until…I received a phone call from a friend. You see, her dog Caicos escaped out of her backyard when her and her husband went out for dinner. Caicos ended up scratching up his pads on his feet! Now, if you know me as well as my friend does, you would know that my husband and I own a zoo. A 40 gallon fish tank, 3 cats, and three black lab puppies. You would also know that we’ve been through some of the strangest accidents known to any pet owner I’ve ever encountered ranging from paw scratches, tail issues, grape incidents, stomach surgery from eating candles, and the famous car accident.

Now, in order for you to understand our Friday night, a little background is needed…

All of this started in September 2008, when we adopted three black lab puppies from the same litter and all boys. Friends – meet my pups – Mizar, Phoenix and Cent.

Phoenix on the left, Cent in the middle, and Mizar on the right. This is at Christmas 2008 and 5 months old.

ADORABLE, RIGHT?!!?! Now you know why I have three! I couldn’t just pick one…

Cute blanket, too, right? Ya, they ate that shortly after this was taken. They decided tug-of-war was a great game. Except the blanket lost out.

This picture is fairly old, but was taken on their 1st birthday. Cent on the left, Phoenix in the middle, and Mizar on the right.

Now, Phoenix…

constantly has nicks, scratches, and cuts on his paws and of course, hates the bandage. After the first incident, in which we visited the vet EVERY DAY, the vet gave up and taught my hubby how to wrap paws the correct way.

We’ve dealt with pretty much every type of accident that comes with owning Black Labs. I mean, after all, our odds are pretty dramatic when you think about it! Now, after the first couple of incidents, my husband and I decided it was best to create an Emergency Dog Kit. After having three puppies who were injuring themselves once a month, (not kidding here!) always in the evenings, (not kidding here either!!) and always when the vet was closed, (and definitely not kidding here!!!) you learn to keep everything on hand! At first, our kit started off in a shoebox, (BAhAHahAhAHA!!!!!) but as the problems became worse, it turned into a plastic TOTE!

Its such a massive tote, its called TOTE!

Now, this is the part where I get back to my friend…I never thought our Emergency Dog Kit would be used with our friends’ animals, or that we were called out like a concierge doctor, but it was actually kind of fun! Plus, it was nice it wasn’t one of our three!! Plus, plus, I think this worked out for everyone in the end. The Peachey’s helped out a friend, my friend avoided a COSTLY emergency vet visit, and Caicos didn’t have to leave the comfort of his home until the next morning! It was really nice to feel like we’re pros at this!


So, this got me thinking, why not share the knowledge we’ve learned! At least, share what’s in our TOTE. Now, if you are just starting off with dogs, or to simply put it, own a lab, I highly suggest you at least have these things on hand:

1)    Hydrogen Peroxide. This is great for cuts, disinfecting, and also for making them throw-up.
2)    Iodine. A little less harsh of a chemical than Hydrogen Peroxide. This is perfect for those sensitive areas, however a little goes a long way!
3)    Gauze and Wrap. If you don’t have these on hand, your mad!
4)    Thermometer. We’ve found that the baby specific kind is best. One with a quick read response, can do anal temperatures, and one that fits with the thermometer tips.
5)    Petroleum Jelly. This makes using the thermometer easier! TIP* If you have a puppy, get him used to the thermometer, you’ll be grateful later!
6)    Pet E-Collar. The best industrial strength ones are from our vet. It’s about $25 but has lasted us about a year and multiple accidents with all three of our dogs. Worth EVERY PENNY!
7)    Cotton Balls, Q-tips, and tape – for obvious reasons, no?

We have a few other items in our own Emergency Dog Kit and consist of items we’ve received permission and training for from our own vet. Like I said, we’ve been through the wars with our three stooges! Here is a list of those items!

1)    Prescription Sedatives. After Mizar’s car accident, he has pretty big major issues with loud ‘bangs’ especially Fireworks! He receives half a pill everytime it’s the season for fireworks, which is enough to make him dopey and safe!
2)    Horse Goop. I do not know the correct term for this, and when I asked my vet for the correct term, he didn’t remember either. They use this goop on the scratches for paws and on the hooves of horses. Its not neosporin, and do not use neosporin on your pet as it’s a poision, but this goop acts like neosporin and heals amazingly fast!
3)    Blue Liquid. It cleans infections, as well as ears. Very important when you have floppy dog ears!
4)    Sub-Q fluids and charcoal. Used especially if our dogs eat something they are not supposed too, like grapes. We only give this to them after talking with a vet first, and feel kidney failure is a potential issue.

Now, to re-itterate, we’ve received permission and training from our vet to use the last four items. We’ve developed a wonderful relationship with our vet and our vet understands we’re on a tight budget, regardless if my three stooges understand this or not.

So, all I have to say, is if you’re dogs are accident prone, act like the three stooges in anyway, or visit the vet often, consider setting up your own Emergency Dog Kit and talking with your vet!

I hope this is helpful!! 🙂 Let me know if you have your own Emergency Dog Kit, what’s in it, or if this post was helpful in setting up yours!

Much Love,

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