Start of Summer!

Now, this weekend isn’t about me, or my husband, its about the men and woman who serve our country. I am very grateful for the men and women who serve our country, whether it was the past, present, and even future. If you are one of them, married to one, or a son/daughter to one, THANK YOU! You are what make this country great!

However, Memorial Day weekend always seems to be the start of summer projects and finishing up old projects. Well, I had a very busy holiday weekend, and we did just that. Finished old projects and tackled our summer ones. WE GOT A LOT DONE!! The weather we had this weekend was very pleasant and helped tremendously in getting a lot of projects done.

Hubby and I tackled the following:

  • Boxes in the garage
  • Cleaning the house
  • Garden
  • Homie D’s insurance list

Now, that doesn’t sound like a lot, especially when you look at it over a holiday weekend and the extra day I took off, but when you look at the pictures, its quite crazy!!

All I have to say is that I’m really glad that we’re done with the insurance list. About 6 months ago, we were finishing up a project outside because it was unseasonably warm outside for November. Hubby was putting away the tools and stepped away from the garage. When he returned, he realized 3 tool boxes were stolen out of our garage. WHICH SUCKS!! Do you realize how many tools can be carried in a toolbox? A LOT!! And its easy access to just pick-up and go! So, for the last FOUR months, we’ve had to go through everything in our garage (weather dependent) to determine what was stolen and what he actually had. So, last night, we’re finally at Homie D’s re-purchasing SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH!! $6,000!!!!!! And this is what it looks like:

P5310457 Yes, 3 FULL CARTS LATER!! and 3 HOURS LATER…we finally have everything. GAH!  The Homie D sales associate had never seen the receipt as LONG as it was!  So, we measured it; against my car…

P5310461 ITS HALF THE LENGTH OF MY CAR!!! Needless to say, we now have the experience of another house claim we’ve made in our marriage.

Its amazing to me how much junk we collect over the years. However, most of the junk in the Garage is there because we didn’t know what to do with it at the time. However, we got the courage (Thanks to the thief!) to go through every box, organize each area, and label EVERYTHING! Now, all of our Halloween decorations are in orange plastic tubs and everything Christmas related are in Green/Red tubs with mixed red/green lids. The best part??? There is no question where all of my Christmas decorations are. LOVE IT! LOVE ORGANIZATION! LOVE THE ADVANCED PLANNING!! 🙂 {Hate the thief! Don’t steel, its not nice.}

However, this meant we had to go through all the cardboard boxes to put them in plastic tubs. (Plastic for safety and preventative measures. I love Mickey Mouse and everything, but not his 1 million friends!) And this is what we found…

P5280450ALL OF MY GRANDMOTHERS CHINA!!!  I forgot how many different sets I ended up collecting since she passed away. She could of fed all of my family, all of my extended family, all of my friends, and all of there FAMILIES!! It was ridiculous!! But, kind of fun. Yes, weird, I know, but it was really neat to sit back and think, why did she pick this pattern, count how much she had in a set (she was known for her Baker Dozen!) and then to just think who she entertained with this REAL china.


I think the most fun was doing the research on how old these sets were! Some were from the 1980s, some I still can’t figure out, and then there are the random 5 matching plates… that date back to 1910!!!!! Yes, 1910!!! That was bought before my GRANDMOTHER was born! Can you say vintage?? Can you say Awesome? Ya, that’s right. SWEET!

I also came across some old photos and photo albums in my boxes. Again, from my grandmother. When I opened them up, I burst into TEARS!!

P5290456 SHE SCRAPBOOKED!! My grandmother was a SCRAPPER!! Just like me. 🙂

So, back in the 80’s scrapbooking used to consist of journaling, with a few comments here and there, and/or placing your pictures in an album. However, my grandmother wrote an entire journal about her trip, typed them up, and attached it to the photo album to correspond with the photos. It felt as if I was with her on her fabulous adventures. I cried for a very long time, giggled, and I still the pleasure and joy to finish reading them. What a precious gift to receive. I know its a moment in my life that I’ll never forget.

After the MUCHO clean with the garage, Hubby and I went out to dinner to celebrate. He had a MUCHO Strawberry Mojito. I think MUCHO covers it quite well…


P5270444Another area we tackled this long weekend was the front garden. I have a lot of fun gardening. I really enjoy being outside, accomplishing something, and feeling proud of my accomplishment. I just hope I enjoy it as much as I do now in 90 degree weather. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the fact that my seeds are growing well, which means I get to eat them soon! And, also the fact that the flowers are so just oh so pretty!


We also attended two BBQs, met up with friends, cleaned the entire house from top to bottom, hemmed some skirts, polished silver, and slept in. We had a very lovely, relaxing weekend. So, did I end up shocking you? If not, this might! After all of this, after having so much on my to-do list that I actually can its on my to-done list, I’M NOT SORE!!! This is a huge accomplishment in and of itself!

Now that you know what I ended up doing, what did you end up doing this very wonderful Memorial Day weekend? Did you tackle house projects? Did you visit with friends? Did you travel? I want to know! Don’t be afraid to share the love. I ♥ comments!

Much Love,

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5 thoughts on “Start of Summer!

  1. You’re not sore after all that?!? Wow, that is awesome!! I’m glad you were able to replace all of your stolen items. When The Helpful Hubby and I moved I transfered everything to tubs too! How sweet that through your grandma’s scrapbooks you can travel with her!

    We barely did anything compared to you guys! We ran errands (including Home Depot), went out to eat at a new-to-us restaurant and worked in the yard for 3 hours. We mainly focused on adding edging to our flower bed, but we also added compost and mulch and weeded. I wasn’t as lucky as you though, my back was in pain for 4 days following. Oh, I also caught up on editing my personal photos.


    • Yes, I was in shock too! I couldn’t believe I accomplished all of that and my lower back wasn’t killing me. I think all the frequent breaks, sleeping in, and taking Tuesday off helped tremendously. The true test will be this weekend as I took Monday and Tuesday off from work to finish the front garden. We’ll see if my back can handle 2 weekends in a row. 😉

      What kind of edging did you add? We found one at Homie D’s, but not 100% convinced it will sustain its life.


      • We weren’t looking for a decorative edge, more an edge to put a barrier between our yard and the flower bed so that the grass would have a hard time spreading over into my flowers. We got it at Lowe’s, but I don’t know what brand it was and don’t see it on their website. It was made of recycled plastic jugs and milk cartons and had a wood color and texture added to it. It came with the spikes all in one box and you had to relax the edging to straighten in before installing it. Good luck finishing your gardening!


  2. Great post! Looks like you got a lot accomplished and relived a lot of memories. So happy you had yur disease enough under control to ve able to do the type of things like this that peoe without chronic disease take for granted


    • Thanks Laura! I’m very grateful that I am in Medical Remission to be able to do these things. That’s why I volunteer for the Denver Arthritis Walk, so one day everyone can have the same luxury I’ve been blessed with! Thank you for the comment love. 🙂 xoxo Peachey


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