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I went to an author signing on Monday, June 27th with one of my best friends, Maria. I’ve known Maria for a couple of years now, and we’re co-worker buddies, but I think we’re LONG LOST SOUL-FRIENDS. SeRiOuSLY!! She love’s the written word, like TRULY, MADLY, IN LOVE with the written word, total bookworm (she admits it herself!), and a reality TV junkie. Yup, we have a lot in common. So, when Maria told me that one of our favorite author’s was returning to Denver, I immediately said yes!

You’ve probably heard of this author; her name is Ms. Ann Brashares. Have you ever heard of the book titled Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?? Ya, I thought so! 😀 SHE WROTE THAT BOOK, AND ALL OF THE OTHERS TOO!! And, you’ve might of seen the movies too. I was in AWWW!

Needless to say, Maria and I had a BLAST! Non-stop chatter, admiration for all the wonderful books, fun pictures, and great memories. Maria’s favorite quote from the evening came during the Q&A session when Ann Brashares said, “It’s nice to have a relationship with your own handwriting.” Yup, Ms. Brashares is a smart lady!

Well, she has a new book titled Sisterhood Everlasting. It’s about the sisterhood,  but 10 years later!! *squeal!*

I haven’t read it yet, but Maria just finished it last night. She said it was SOOOO GOOD! So, this is my new book I will be reading…


If you’ve never been to an author signing, I highly suggest you go! I created a picture video of our latest author signing adventure with some tips; no sound required, but I recommend watching in full-view [click on the ICON NEXT TO THE YOUTUBE letters in the lower right hand corner of the video:)] so you can read my comments. Enjoy!

So, what books have you read this summer? I’d love to hear any and all suggestions!!

Much Love,

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5 thoughts on “Author Signing Adventure

  1. I absolutely love this post! We definitely are soul friends, my dear. I think my favorite part was right after Ann said that quote listed above, you turned to me as I was scribbling madly in my notebook to write it down. Out of the corner of my eye as I was grinning, you knew she hit the nail on the head with that one. It was like you were thinking, “Totally! Have you met Maria? The one who writes everything down?!” Thank you for being who and how you are. I cherish our connection.


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