Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much water you drink to prepare yourself for the IV infusion needle. You can still end up with this:



Not my first needle (or infusion), and definitely not my last.

Oh the wonderful joys of having ankylosing spondylitis!!!!!

Until next time…

Much Love,

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. awwww it looks like you’re a hard stick like me 😦 I go through this every month during my Orencia infusions, but we both know the benefits outweigh the crappiness of being a human pin cushion. Sending you a big (gentle) hug and I hope the Remicade makes you feel great ASAP xoxox


    • Thanks Maya! I feel a little tired today, but the “normal” pain has disappeared. I was just nice that the nurse stopped after that poke and asked for another nurse to try on the other arm. She could of kept going! Plus, she felt really bad about it! 😦 Always a plus side, somewhere! 🙂


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