Wetsuit Fun!

Yup, I’ve gone nuts!  Titling a blog post, “Wetsuit Fun!” Well, you’re in for a treat!!

Do you remember how I had planned date night for the next six months in advance as part of Mr. Peachey’s Birthday? Well, last weekend we did AUGUST! I know, last weekend was JULY, and we just started the month of August, but I’ll explain why in a second. In order for this to work, you need to guess along. Keep your pants on and read the little note that Hubby read:


Did you guys guess? Some of you may already know, thanks to my little post on Twitter and Facebook, but, just in case…we went WHITE WATER RAFTING!

Thanks to my CLEVER planning (ha!) and CUNNING skills (HA HA!) I purchased a weeklyplus.com coupon for our anniversary to go WHITE WATER RAFTING! Only problem, our anniversary was in MAY! Not an ideal time to go rafting…

Now, we’ve gone white water rafting before, and it WAS AWESOME! Quite frankly, I’ve been going for the last 10 years or so. But, for the PEACHEY family we haven’t been since we got married (4 years!) thanks to the location (can’t leave the puppies alone for that long!) and well, the damn price. BUT, you remember how I had cunning skills!! My weeklyplus.com coupon was offering a rafting trip for $25 per person for a 3 hour trip; class 3 and class 4 rapids with all the GEAR included! The location is about a half-hour from Denver.YOU CAN’T GO WRONG!! So, now you understand my excitement with the COUPON!!

However, due to some schedule conflicts, and the water levels too high for our liking, we waited. There was a catch though. The coupon expired in the middle of August! So, I knew it would be absolutely perfect to go in August, except they were pretty busy in August, so we didn’t want to chance it. So, even though Hubby knew where we were going, I made him play along!

Now, for those of you who have a chronic condition, you may be  thinking we’re crazy for going white water rafting, but we feel it is our own risk. Trust your body, talk to your doctor, and make sure you feel ‘up to it’. For those who don’t have a chronic condition, you still probably think we’re nuts, but if you’ve never white water rafted before, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!?! Probably for another coupon, but when one comes out, seriously, GO!!!

The coupon was with Liquid Descent and our guide named Peter, or “Pedro”. Our crew named him Leader Peter. The entire crew were so professional, yet made it SO FUN! There were water guns, splashing paddles, funny jokes, and a little bit of history. We would use them again in an instant!

Mr. Peachey also saved a lady! The END. Wait, you want more? OKAY! Leader Peter allowed the option for us to ride the front of the raft, feet over hanging the raft and holding on tight with a rope. Its called “Riding the Bull”. We hit a tiny rapid, and the lady got scared and let go of said rope. Mr. Peachey quickly remembered his training, used his paddle, pulled her to the raft, dunked her, and pulled her back up. What an AMAZING MAN I married!

Leader Peter also allowed MY HUBBY to steer the raft! Taught him a few tips, tricks, and let him take over. SO COOL!!!!

What I had no idea about is the fact that the company have a professional photographer on the trip. SUHWEET! On the previous trips they usually just take a SINGLE photo of you going down the river during one action scene, but this photographer followed us down the whole trip! I purchased some awesome pics (over 200, ALL digital, and a sweet deal too! YAY!)

So, here are a few of my favorite pictures!!!!

Here we are learning safety! This is the signal for “We’re OK!”DSC_8740

Group shot with Leader Peter. I’m on the front left and Hubby is front right! (He was the only boy, other than Leader Peter! Such a brave man! ;))DSC_8745


Working hard:


and getting wet: DSC_8819

I love our faces in this one:


and this one too:


Yup, I GOT SOAKED!! I was really grateful for all of the gear!


And of course, the token picture that we took! Don’t we look so squeaky clean?!
















Have any of you gone white water rafting? What’s your favorite river? Do you have a favorite company?

Much Love,

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your stories, thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face. Much happiness your way.


    • Thanks Cookie! I enjoy writing them and I’m glad I can put at least one smile on someone’s face with them. 🙂 Over the years of being diagnosed with AS, I’ve noticed that the more I smile, the less pain I am in. Many smiles for you!


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