Fun and Creative Event Planning…with Chronic Illness

Hey guys!! While I’m quickly and willingly trying to get my story, video, and pictures ready for my NOLA post, I thought I’d share a guest post that I did about Event Planning and Chronic Illness!!

It was my first guest post!!! EEEEE!! And it was posted while I was away. LOL!!! Well, never fear…this Peach is here!! And I’m sharing my TIPS, TRICKS, and HOW TOs for any type of event, any size, while handling chronic illness. AND BONUS — These tips are great for those of you who don’t have chronic illness. 😉

Let me know what you think, and be sure to say hi to Maya! She is planning her wedding and has spondylitis as well. PLUS!!! She raises money for her local Arthritis Walk!! Yup, she just rocks! 🙂

Well, what are you waiting for?? Go visit!

Much Love,

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4 thoughts on “Fun and Creative Event Planning…with Chronic Illness

  1. Awesome post. There’s a lot of good data in this post, however I would like to let you know one thing – I am using Mac OS X with the latest beta of Firefox, and the layout of your web site is sort of quirky for me. I could read the content, but the navigation does not work so great.


    • Thanks for the comments. I’m not sure how to fix it. I’m using WordPress and there format. I would contact wordpress directly to let them know. Maybe they can fix it on there end?? Thanks for stopping by!


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