Funday Monday – Garden

WHY hello dearest Monday! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy the weather? Hubby and I sure did! We worked in the garden ALL WEEKEND LONG. I’m pretty burned (WOAPS!!) and super SORE (who wouldn’t be!) but we’re grateful we got a lot done.

To stick with the theme of the “garden”, I came across today’s video. This gorgeous stop-motion ad was created by London-based Johnny Kelly (and who doesn’t love something from London!). As the farm-to-factory story unfolds, the farmer realizes the reality of his ways and regains control of his farm, going “back to the start” and was created for Chipotle’s responsible food production campaign. And, even more amazing, all props were hand made!

While I’m still picking out the dirt from under my nails, I thought this video was perfect for our Funday Monday!


Thanks Chipotle for the beautiful video, the great, delicious, agrees-with-me food, and for bringing awareness to the food that we eat.


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