A Letter to Puppyville

Dear Puppies,

CONGRATULATIONS! We did it! We made it to three years!

I had no idea that when Dad and I decided to adopt the three of you, you would of given us such joy, created so many adventures, and countless vet visits!

You may ask “why three?” Well, we couldn’t decide between the three of you. Dad wanted two for sure and I wanted just one. That meant we couldn’t just take two and leave one behind. How could we? Look at your cute FACES!!


We knew you were best buddies! Inseparable and a family. But what to name you? We have a theme in our furry family. All animals must be named after something in the galaxy. We decided to name each one of you after a star in the sky.

Mizar, this is you the first day at home. Your name means a double star, possibly binary, brilliant white and pale emerald on the Tail of the Great Bear.


There’s no possible way to describe the brilliance that you have withinin you. You are definitely the conniving dog out of the pack. You are the Alpha Pack Leader. You only listen to Dad, and well, sometimes me if I make you. 😉 You’ve been the one to lead the adventures of this family.

You may recall your first surgery. SNIP SNIP! And yet, you were determined to fix the stitches yourself. It ultimately came down to us putting you in an e-collar and a pair of boxer shorts. You were not happy!


You begged…


and pleaded with us but you were stuck. Ultimately you caved in…


About 18 months ago you had a horrific accident. We won’t get into that story as it brings up too many painful memories, but that’s when we both started having hip issues. You and me buddy. We bonded.

I think this was the moment when you learned that listening to mom and dad was in your best interest. Since the accident you’ve been on your best behavior!

You were so happy to come home and we welcomed you with open arms. Even your brothers missed you. They probably would never admit it, but they were not themselves while you were away. Hey, who am I kidding. Your father and I were not ourselves either.


Its truly a miracle the way you’ve recovered! To this day, you sit and run like that accident never happened. You play just fine and you’re ornery as ever, but in a good way! You love going on a car ride, all by yourself, and you’d prefer a walk with dad and me over fetch any day. Its probably why we keep taking you, and only you, to the Arthritis Walk. Its a way for the three of us to celebrate our arthritis accomplishments.

Mizar, my puppy!

But don’t worry, we wont tell your brothers the real reason! We wont tell them that you get spoiled rotten at the Arthritis Walk! You receive dog-approved and appropriate treats galore at the Arthritis Walk and you love it!

Chris and Mizar at the Arthritis Walk. Mizar is eating a GoodTimes Pawbender and ate it 3 minutes flat.

And we love you too!!

Peachey's Arthritis Walk 2011-2

Oh Phoenix! You may be the middle puppy, but you definitely stand your ground with your brothers. This is your first day at home.


The name Phoenix is often referred to as the firebird, and boy, you are a firebird. Give you a ball, preferably red (don’t worry, we learned!) and you’d hyperventilate to death before quitting.

Even at 14 weeks old, we had you trained to sit down for a treat. You also figured out how to play fetch first. No big surprise there!


You are my middle puppy, but I’ve tried really hard to not let you know it. You are the cream in the Oreo. You are the peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich. You bring joy to this family that you may never know.

You aren’t keen on being alone, but recognize the opportunity to be spoiled when you are. Take your first paw accident.


It took about 6 weeks to fix! What’s sad is that wasn’t the longest recovery you’ve had. With this particular accident, we realized you were allergic to a certain antibiotic (like me!) just by the sheer fact that you were taking the bandage off yourself. Once the bandage was destroyed, we saw the true reaction you were having.


We definitely learned our lesson and we now pay attention to your keen observation you have over your own body. You taught me how to have the same lesson with my body; thank you! I am forever grateful for that.

But lets not be fooled here; we also figured out that you know how to dramatize a situation in order to receive undivided attention.

You whimper, whine, and put your paw up to inform a nurse that you’re not feeling well. They coo, they awe; you have them wrapped around your little finger paw. You ALWAYS get a belly rub too! You wont stop the cooing and awing until you do! We know its an act because it only happens with strangers and the female nurses at the vet. Your such a womanizer.

Once an accident is fixed, like the paws, eating wax candles on Christmas Eve, and more recently, the stomach flu, you are as happy as can be! I’ve never seen a dog who smiles as big as you! You make our hearts flutter with joy!


Last, but certainly not least, Centauri; Cent for short. My little runt. My little cuddle bug. This is you, arriving to your new home!


But you definitely know your full name. We only use it whenever you’re in big trouble, and that isn’t often. Your name is one of hardest for people to pronounce, (and spell!) but probably the most suited! Centauri is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus. And believe me, you are definitely the quick-wit in the family.

You are my cuddle bug. When you turned 14 weeks, I called you over, put you in my lap and hugged you tightly. We had fun taking pictures together!

View Cent and Mom

From then on, whenever I sit down, you crawl into my lap; all 62 pounds of you!

You definitely don’t get in trouble as much as the other two. You’ve visited the vet less often, but you are still a curious fella.


However, YOU HATE BEING ALONE! You prefer sleeping next to one of your brothers. You always sit next to them, and at first I thought you wanted to be just like them. The big copycat.


But a mom always knows. You were not trying to be a copycat. You were just being a friend.


I think that’s why you don’t seek for trouble. You know the other two are doing just fine and you’d rather receive attention that is well deserved. You’re a very proud pup.


You take great honor in knowing you are the balance to the other two. Without you, I don’t think we’d know the pure joy of having a ‘normal’ dog. You keep this family balanced, happy, and show the true pure pleasure of owning a black lab. You might be the runt of the pack, but you definitely have a big place in our hearts!


You are all siblings, all from the same litter, and ALL BOYS! All started off curious, unpredictable, and living up to your name.

We definitely cheated the first weeks to tell you apart by using colored collars. But as you grew, your personalities came out like fire!


Sometimes you have fights, but I don’t know of siblings that don’t! You make-up by playing a game. You love to play with each other!! Always have ever since the first day we adopted you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just chasing each other…


or playing with a toy.


Either will do.


As long as you’re TOGETHER!



Congratulations again boys!!!


Forever known as – the puppies! WE LOVE YOU!! Thank you for being our best friends, developing endless adventures, never giving up on us, and providing pure joy to this family.

Onward to our next adventure!

~Mom and Dad

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