Wear BLUE with me on World Arthritis Day – Wed. October 12

Dear Friends,

First off, I want to thank you very much for your recent support for my blog. This adventure has been an amazing ride and I thank you for your kindness, love, and continued support through my arthritis journey.

However, there is something I would like to ask you. On Wednesday, October 12, is World Arthritis Day. A day where friends, family members, neighbors, work colleagues and fellow bloggers can show support. Show support that Arthritis is Unacceptable. It’s unacceptable that 1 in 5 live with ARTHRITIS! ONE IN FIVE! I ask you to be the one who helps on October 12th.

How can you help?

Several ways!

  1. Plan to wear ALL BLUE on Wednesday, October 12th. From head to toe. Wear shoes that are blue. Blue jeans (if you can!), a blue shirt! Get creative and wear a blue hat, a blue tie for gentleman, and for the ladies – blue earrings, rings, bracelets. Find your BLUE and wear it. Don’t forget to dress your kids up too! Make it a game and tell them the only rule is that whatever they wear – it has to be BLUE!
  2. Share your BLUE Attire with me. I may not see you on October 12th, but I would love to see your outfits! Email them to me, share them with me on Facebook, and even on Twitter using the hashtag #WorldArthritisDay.
  3. Join Massage Envy, the Arthritis Foundation and thousands more across the nation for Healing Hands for Arthritis. During the one-day event, $10 from every one-hour massage and facial session will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation. If you are going – take a picture of yourself at the Massage Envy store. Share it! I would love to know you made it. To book your appointment, follow this link.  Most of the stores are open until 10pm. Perfect for those of us who work on Wednesday!
  4. Track your movement. Visit fightarthritispain.org and log your efforts and share your good work with friends. Print out the tracking worksheet for help recording your miles.
  5. Forward this post onto YOUR family and friends, neighbors, sport friends, social media buddies, church groups, and anyone you can think of. I’m probably not the only one you know of who has arthritis; let them know they’re not alone!

Let’s help each other get this word out! I’d love to see TONS AND TONS OF PICTURES with all of us wearing blue.

Thank you!

Much Love,

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