Did you guys have a wonderful World Arthritis Day?

I SURE DID!! You can’t beat wearing ALL BLUE, having friends and family members sending you texts, facebook messages, tweets, and seeing your twitter feed full of wonderful messages!! AND then pictures were sent to me from my friends and family wearing BLUE too! 🙂

All I can say is W.O.W!

Throughout the day I felt like breaking out into song, singing “Blue (Da BA Dee)”, also known as “I’m Blue” from the group Eiffel 65. I think next year we should all just start singing it.

When I left the house, I felt like a member of The Blue Man Group. Have you seen that show? If not, its totally worth it! Every penny.

Without further ado, here is me, Blue Peachy:





And my friends!


And of course Mr. P and I! It took 10 minutes for me to coarse him into taking a photo! He’s been working hard on the house and was actually quite bashful in taking this photo since he didn’t look proper. Send him some love anyway!


So, what do you think? Did I capture the blue-ness? Next year, a video of dancing to Blue (Da Ba Dee), blue lips, and maybe even blue hair.

I’d love to see your photos! Please feel free to tweet them, facebook them, or you can even send them via email – 🙂

So, now what?

Well, I’m really big into the “life lesson”; from that experience, what did I learn? How can I better improve my life? How can I be the change I wish to see?

Well, I think if you were to take one thing from the World Arthritis Day, just one thing, I hope it would be that you shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance on the outside. You don’t have to look old or crippled to have arthritis. Just keep in mind that the person next to you may be suffering in silence. Especially since this disease affects 1 in 5. Please, be the 1 that helps.

Even though World Arthritis Day is just one day, there are still MILLIONS of people suffering. They suffer from this disease EVERY DAY! I will continue taking strides in fighting this disease through the Arthritis Walk, and other avenues and I encourage you to do so as well!

If you know someone who has arthritis, ask them “How can I help?” It could be something simple as listening, walking their dog when they’re having a bad day, a ride to their next appointment, holding their hand when their getting their blood drawn or even when having a shot administered, or something as simple as a donation to their favorite non-profit. You just never know!! If you personally suffer from arthritis, speak up! Speak up and ASK! This disease not just affects those who are suffering, but also friends and family members too. I know that my friends and especially my lovely family are always asking what they can do to help. That in-and-of-itself warms my little peachy heart!

All I ask is that you just think about it. Especially since the holiday season is quickly approaching. Those ideas listed above are probably good ideas for gifts. If you are looking for some more, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 🙂

Much Love,


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