Infusion Outfit Inspiration

ITS SNOWING!! Its below freezing!! BRRRRRRRRR!!

And yes, I wore a skirt, with ribbed tights, and my new boots (shown below in the picture!). To be honest, I don’t think I could be more comfortable.

What is Infusion Outfit Inspiration?

Every month I receive my Remicade infusion treatment in order to keep my ankylosing spondylitis at bay. I decided to create Infusion Outfit Inspiration as a way to make a biologic infusion less scary and more fashionable!

What do you show?

Fashion! I theme it around an outfit I’m aspiring to wear more often.

Can I join?

If you would like, join me! I’d love to know what you wear to your infusion. Let’s share our outfits together and maybe get an idea on how to make our infusions a little bit more enjoyable!

Much Love,

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