Trick Or Treat

So, do you guys remember the Date Night Package I gave Mr. P for his Birthday?? Remember this from July?? and this one from August? Well, what about September and October? UMM, OOOPPS! 😉

For September, there wasn’t much to report. What do I mean? Read on:

I gave him the choice of either seeing a film in the theater or at home. We choose to make it a date night at home. Hence the lack of pictures, but I will tell you it was filled with soda, candy, kettle popcorn, and 3 movies. Phew!!

Now, for October!!! This one was fun.

At the time I as developing this Date Night Package, I really couldn’t even comprehend what to wear for Halloween. Then hit me; don’t! Make Mr. P figure it out. However, as we got closer to the holiday, I totally forgot that yes, indeed, I made this Date Night his CHOICE!! So, lesson learned, if you do this idea, write down what your date night packages are. Its been kind of fun opening them without remembering, but I’m not sure if I recommend this concept in its entirety!

So, what do I mean by his CHOICE? Well, he picked our Halloween outfit for our Date Night. 🙂



WE WENT AS SOCCER FANS FOR THE NEWCASTLE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB. Now, if you’re not sure what in the world the Newcastle United Football Club is, well I didn’t know until I met Mr. P. It’s his FAVORITE, of ALL TIME, WILL NOT MISS A GAME, and HE HAS TO WATCH IT HERE IN THE USA, football team. ER – SOCCER TEAM. I told him we had to call ourselves soccer fans, otherwise no one will get it. Not sure if anyone really did, but WHAT-EV-ER. We had a blast!!

So, what do you think??? I love the sign. I was totally going to get all fancy and make the fence out of poster board, and cut a GIANT ‘D’ and wear it around my body like a purse. Then Mr. P got all fancy on me and said “Umm, Homie D has a plastic fence. Let’s just go buy one.” Hence, my fence. 🙂

Of course, I had to make my outfit as GIRLY as possible. Face paint, fake eye-lashes…

fancy tights, some fake pearls, pigtails, layers upon layers of socks…

and a hint of the Arthritis Walk, with my “Lets Move Together Shoelaces”!! 🙂

I spent a total of $10 on this outfit because I practically owned everything!! I spent about $4 on the fake eyelashes (glue included!), $1 for the black/white face paint, $1 for the tall white/black socks and $4 on the Fence Sign.

I think the best part, other than only spending the maximum of $10, was the fact I was so comfy!! WHAT OTHER OUTFIT CAN YOU WEAR TENNIS SHOES?? Which for me, is totally, and completely, ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY. Plus, I think it still looked cute. If you do know, please let me know! Its my turn next year to pick out Halloween Outfits!

So, how was everyone’s Halloween? Did you dress-up in your costume or did you wear orange and black??

What a great Halloween year! Onto Thanksgiving, Christmas, gift shopping, crafting, and more doctor appointments.



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3 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat

  1. I was on the giving side for Halloween….giving out the candy that is. I went as a housewife (just joking) but so enjoyed all the trick or treaters we got this year. And I love your outfit. And I mean, of course you had to girlie it up…this was date night afterall 🙂 Hope you got some sweets too!


  2. I always love comfy Halloween costumes, some of the ones I’ve worn that I can wear comfy shoes with are Punky Brewster, a chef, little red ridding hood, The Iron Chef (write “Fe” on the chef coats) and a play on words: a ceiling fan (dress up like a sports fan for a team called ceiling)


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