Lions, Tigers, and Bears…

Remember when I said over 2 weeks ago that I had the BEST WEEKEND EVER, and that I promised I’d write about it????? Well, I am doing exactly that!!

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The reason it was the BEST WEEKEND is because it was part of Mr. P’s Date Night Package!! YAY!! If you missed the others, you can find it here, here and here. 🙂

The little note:



the cute little heart looks like this:


DID YOU GUESS??? Yup, we went to the Zoo!! The Denver Zoo! So, why did we end up going to the Zoo in November? Because it was FREE. A FREE DAY AT THE ZOO!! 😀

And we had a blast. The easiest way I know how to describe our adventure at the Zoo is through the pictures I took. So, here’s a little slideshow!!



It was a bit busy at the Zoo, but that was to be expected! It was FREE, after all. And it’s true; the Hippo does have arthritis!! He was actually an honoree for the Denver Arthritis Walk back in the day. Cute, huh?

Afterwards, we rushed home to clean up a bit because we were invited by my sister to have dinner with her and her boyfriend. Now, some of you know me, and are like “SAY WHAT?? Your sister invited you over??” Yes, ladies and gents, she did. She’s growing-up and I’m really proud of her!! She made these A.W.E.S.O.M.E homemade burritos (SOOOOO good!!!) because we all went to a musical, TOGETHER. But not just any MUSICAL. The Lion King musical!!!!!! How appropriate, right? After a day at the Zoo with my hubby, it ended with my family watching The Lion King. TOGETHER!! Seriously folks, if you haven’t been, its WORTH IT!! The costumes alone are AMAZING, but I really love the music. They have some of the favorite tunes from the movie, but they added in some new ones, and I love them just as much. This musical is one of my favorites. It’s probably my second favorite, right next to Wicked. Truly, what an amazing day.

So, now you know all about my BEST WEEKEND EVER!!

What’s your favorite animal at the zoo? Could you tell which one was mine??


Squishy Face and Hakuna Matata,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


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