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TGIRD!! Thank God It’s Remicade Day!! I’m in dire need. I’m 2 weeks behind thanks to the antibiotics I was on. However, I’m pretty nervous to tell Dr. Rheumy about my 5k run, especially as he’s going to see me limping into the building. I did something to my ankle either during or after the run, and it HURTS!! Like, scream your pants off, I’d rather be crawling, can someone get me a cane for Christmas, HURTS!! This is the reason why I went comfy, cozy, and all about the ankle brace. Wear it in style my friends; wear it proudly!

What is Infusion Outfit Inspiration?

Every month I receive my Remicade infusion treatment in order to keep my ankylosing spondylitis at bay. I decided to create Infusion Outfit Inspiration as a way to make a biologic infusion less scary and more fashionable!

What do you show?

Fashion! I theme it around an outfit I’m aspiring to wear more often.

Can I join?

If you would like, join me! I’d love to know what you wear to your infusion. Let’s share our outfits together and maybe get an idea on how to make our infusions a little bit more enjoyable!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


6 thoughts on “Infusion Outfit Inspiration

  1. Can I just tell you how much I love this? I’m not even a particularly fashiony girl, but I love your happy, fun approach to Remicade Day! I usually give a lot of thought to my Remicade Day bag – what movies I’ll bring to watch on my portable DVD, what music I might choose on my iPod, what snacks I’d like, etc. We also go out for ice cream (Cold Stone) after every infusion. But I give almost no thought to what I’m wearing. Maybe this will change!


    • Thanks!! Since I have to sit there for two hours, I like to be comfortable as much as possible. However, the last few months, I’ve decided to ‘find my style’, so what better way than mixing it with something I do every month! 🙂 I should do a post on what I put in my bag too. Do you include blankets and pillows in yours?


      • No, they usually provide blankets and pillows at the hospital. But I’ve heard that some other people bring their own – cosier, more hygenic, etc. Maybe I will start doing that!

        I’ve always had trouble figuring out what kind of top to wear. Since I never know which vein they will pick, I have to be prepared to roll up my sleeves or have short sleeves on… but then I get cold. So far, blankets are the best way around that.


        • AHHH, okay! At my location, albeit not a hospital, we received our own blanket (and I asked for 2!) and neck pillow at our first appointment and we must bring it back each time.

          I always wear layers during my infusion since the IV usually always goes in near my elbow! A comfy t-shirt, lighweight jacket that I keep on but take my IV arm out, a scarf, and another blanket wrapped around the IV arm to stay warm. I also bring another pair of socks (extra fuzzy!) to keep my bottom half warm, and always loose clothing around my waist! My chair also has built in heaters, so that helps!

          You’ve given me an idea on what I should do for my next Infusion Outfit Inspiration!! 🙂


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