I’m in a GIANT CAST!!

I hurt my left foot at the 5k Jingle Bell Run/Walk on Sunday. Okay, there I said it.

The pain started a few hours after I completed the run, but I figured that was normal since the rest of my body was in agony. Seriously, people, if your going to run a 5k, TRAIN FOR IT!! *lesson learned!*

The pain, however, progressed. I was limping pretty badly. Eventually, I couldn’t put any pressure on my foot, and was “walking” on my tippy toes. Oh sigh. How sad is that.

As the pain progressed, I moved onto my ankle brace. Now, some of you might not have even seen, but I included an ankle brace in the Infusion Outfit Inspiration. Well, that’s why. I truly was wearing it. Oh sweet, trusted, easy-to-use, ankle brace. No Velcro; just the slip on, slip off kind. I’ve had my ankle brace for oh, about 8 years now. I got it in college when my ankle started acting up. BEST PURCHASE, EVER!!

I made the decision to tell Dr. Rheumy what was going on. At first he thought, and a few others too, that I had plantar fasciitis, but the problem with that diagnosis is that MY pain gets worse throughout the day. First thing in the morning, I have NO PAIN WHAT-SO-EVER!! Which, is the complete and total opposite of the pain for plantar fasciitis. So, then Dr. Rheumy, after carefully examining my foot, said that it was a possibility that I have a stress fracture in my foot.

Super. Wonderful. Fabulous. NOT!! Seriously?? A crack, in my foot? So, I went in for more X-ray’s and an MRI on my foot by Thursday. The pain was so bad, that I stopped by my parent’s house after the radiation I had received, to see if they had my old “boot” that I had when I was in High School. Yes, I did wear one of those back in the day…okay only 11 years ago, but whatever. 🙂 I wore one because, at the time, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my GIANT, inflamed ankle so, they told me to wear it. Now, here I was, asking my parents if they still had it. Yes, my pain level had gotten to that level; mostly because the rest of my body was screaming at me. They didn’t have my original, but my mom had one from her foot surgery a few years ago, so I’ve been wearing one since FRIDAY!!

What does this boot look like??

Well, like this:


Yup, I’m in a walking cast. Since Friday, I put myself in this stupid, heavy, bulky, walking cast. It hasn’t been easy, definitely feeling some pain in my other joints, but SOOOO WORTH IT!!

Until your body hates you because your off kilter. Finding the right height shoe is a PAIN! Quite literally. Also, do you know what kind of process it is to put the damn thing on?? I have 5 Velcro strips that must be put on, in the RIGHT ORDER, then you have to pump air into the sides so it fits just right, then your toes get cold because their exposed, AND ITS BEEN SNOWING IN DENVER!! which is so much fun. Plus, I can’t drive in it. I drive a manual car, so every time I drive, I HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF, and PUT IT BACK ON!!

So, this past Sunday, I had to stop by Michael’s to pick up a few things and I decided not to wear my walking cast, put on my trusty old ankle brace, and went on my way. Now, if you’ve been around this blog, you know that Michael’s is one of my favorite stores. We’re BFF!! So many colors, pretty items, and FUN IDEAS! I just get going. Well, that’s a problem when you’re BROKEN! I regretted my decision, especially as we had to shop at the Grocery store next, where I did put my boot on, but by the time we hit Wal-Mart, I was truly feeling broken. I sucked up my pride, and got into one of their motorized carts. NEVER been in one, but I do have to say, it was pretty fun!! I might even keep the boot in my car for bad ‘flare’ days, to just borrow one of those carts. I hate shopping in large concrete buildings because I usually come out feeling exhausted.

Monday finally arrived. I heard back from Dr. Rheumy with the results and was told there was nothing wrong. I replied back and said “I’m in a WALKING CAST!!” Oh, okay. Well, you need to go see an orthopedic doctor who specializes in feet. SUPER, let’s add one more doctor to my list, on top of ANOTHER ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR!! Ya, that’s right, my Dr. Orthy – who is my hip guy, can’t work on my foot. Isn’t this nice and simple? HAHAAHAHA! Not in the life of someone who is “broken”. 😉 So, we’ll call this new doctor – Dr. Footy!

So, why have I waited until today to tell you? Well, that’s because I saw Dr. Footy this morning. MORE X-RAYS!! I swear, if I’m not glowing by the time its New Years Eve, I’m going to be shocked. So, what did he say? He said that the bone in my foot is BRUISED!! Did you know you could bruise your bone? Ya, I didn’t either. He said that the reason why I feel better in the boot is because the pressure from bruise has been alleviated. Translation?? Okay, my translation: the little elf is poking your bruise every time you take a step, so by putting your foot in a boot, your giving it more cushion and preventing the little elf from poking it. Oh yes, I went there. I added in elves to this blog.

Luckily!!! Luckily, my foot is not broken, cracked, or anything else. Just severely bruised. It should be healed within the next week or so. Phew!!! That means I can get back to my Zumba routine, add a new routine I’m anxious to try – The Bar Method, anyone else try it? – and keep up with my daily, active lifestyle. Yup, I’m ready for the New Year.

What about you? Do you have any fun stories like this? Have you ever worn a Walking Cast? Have you ever driven one of those motorized carts?

I would love to know! 🙂

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


12 thoughts on “I’m in a GIANT CAST!!

  1. Hi, fellow Denver AS’er here – I HAD to comment on this post because this is me!

    I’ve spent years in my “storm trooper” boot (mine is white and grey) with fractures and severe plantar fasciitis / enthesitis that affects my metatarsal heads. My podiatrist didn’t know what to do with me, so he stuck me in the boot. It definitely helped, but after a while you can atrophy so you want to be sure to be addressing the problem. Mine happened to be AS, which was finally DX’d after 8 years. Woohoo!

    One great solution for you might be to find a rigid, supportive bottomed shoe that doesn’t bend/collapse when pressing the toe and heel together. If you test your shoes, they might fail this test – find a good pair to have around when your feet get bad. This will stabilize your foot enough if you have pain and inflammation.

    I admire you for running – I break things or get enthesitis by just standing there sometimes, so hats off to you! Hope you don’t feel it for a long time.


    • Welcome fellow Denver ASer friend!! Glad to have you and thanks for your kind words and wisdom!! That’s partially my story too when I was diagnosed with AS. Since my ankle was inflamed for over two months, they were moving onto the next step – orthoscopic surgery – to see what was going on. Luckily, I got pretty sick, saw my general doctor, and she took a blood test. Ta Da – AS!! Was officially confirmed by a Rheumatologist. 🙂 Here’s the full story of my diagnosis: https://peachypains.com/2009/09/28/winning-a-stiff-battle/ 🙂


  2. You are my aspiration, I own few blogs and occasionally run out from post :). “Fiat justitia et pereat mundus.Let justice be done, though the world perish.” by Ferdinand I.


  3. HI Peachypains! Its Lexie from the LC website. I feel your pain girl, I spent 2 years in a soft cast for bone breaks from a car accident. Yes they are annoying! Funny story, I found that my most annoying issue was I am very short, so the darn thing would propelle me forward off balance if I leaned forward, so when I was at work, I used to use the cast to slam the bottom file drawers shit without having to lean forward, The older ladies at theoffice complained that the noise scared them. So I had to stop. Had a lot of fun making them jump first , ha ha. Hope you are better now. Its a long process. Take good carfe, Lexie


    • HA HA HA!! This made me giggle. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I really wanted to add roller skates to mine and skate around the office. I think it would of been more enjoyable. However, I added jingle bells to it and I highly recommend it. 🙂


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