Funday Monday – Miss Michigan

Happy Funday Monday ALL!! Sorry I’ve been MIA from the blog this past week. With the New Year, I got super busy!! EEE, but don’t worry, I have plenty to share coming up this week. Mostly to do with my resolutions!

However, if you truly want inspiration, watch this video!! It’s Ms. Elizabeth Wertenberger, Miss Michigan 2011! Elizabeth will use her Miss American Pageant platform to raise awareness for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) and other chronic illnesses. Top contenders in the Pageant get a chance to discuss their platforms and your vote can help. There are only 4 days left to vote to help Elizabeth! Let other little girls who were told they would never walk again have hope!!

Watch the video and cast your vote here. It’s a simple click to vote – you don’t have to give any info!!

Thanks Miss America Organization for allowing us to vote!

Thanks Elizabeth Wertenberger for broadcasting about those who have arthritis and other chronic illnesses!! Your an inspiration to all those who were told who couldn’t walk, including me!

Thanks Arthritis Foundation Facebook page for bringing this to my attention, and now yours! 🙂

Did you vote yet??! Please do!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!