Oh sun, I miss you so much!! – Infusion Outfit Inspiration

Can I be honest?

I feel like CrrrRRAAAaaaaPPPP!!! I’m 2 weeks post my normal Remicade infusion date and boy have I been feeling it. I started to feel it last Saturday and slowly its been getting worse, and worse, and worse. I haven’t even gone to Zumba because its been so bad!!

It feels like someone has been poking me to the point where I’m now bruised. I’m a bruised Peach. Everything just hurts. Sleeping hurts; sitting hurts; standing hurts; I’m eating because I have too, not because I want too. Even wearing clothes hurts!! Do you ever feel like this? Where everything just hurts?!

Last night Mr. P and I took it easy. In our household that means put the brakes on EVERY SINGLE PROJECT and jump into comfy clothes, warm cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, and grab the movies.

One of the strange, awkward, yet enjoyable movies we watched was “Midnight in Paris” with Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. Again, it was a strange, awkward, yet enjoyable movie. Well, I think that has to do partially because it was a Woody Allen movie. Umm, ya….

Although I’ve already been to Paris in my lifetime, I think I’d like to give it another shot as I didn’t like it the last time. I stayed in an AWFUL hotel. I mean a hotel where the sheets weren’t cleaned – you could see it (I slept on top of the comforter wrapped in a towel), the shower curtain ATE you every time you took a shower, and the power died. Oh ya, I GOT SICK!! It was that bad.

Yup, definitely would like a re-do. With that, I think this outfit would be a perfect compliment to an ideal day in Paris.

I'd rather be in Paris. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of laying on a beach, toes in the sand, and soaking up every ounce of sun. AND then I wake up. I wake up to cold weather, harsh winds, and pressure changes. Oh ya, and no sun. These winter months are killing me because I never see the sun – I’m always inside wishing I could feel it. Feel it hit my face. I think I’m in dire need of some natural Vitamin D and some sun.

Hopefully my trip to Atlanta next week will entail a little bit of warmer weather and some sun. PLEASE!!!! 🙂

Oh sun, I miss you so much!!

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


What is Infusion Outfit Inspiration?

Every month I receive my Remicade infusion treatment in order to keep my ankylosing spondylitis at bay. I decided to create Infusion Outfit Inspiration as a way to make a biologic infusion less scary and more fashionable!

What do you show?

Fashion! I theme it around an outfit I’m aspiring to wear more often.

Want to join?

If you would like, join me! I’d love to know what you wear to your infusion. Let’s share our outfits together and maybe get an idea on how to make our infusions a little bit more enjoyable!


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