Magnificent Lights

A Long, LONG, LONG, LONG, overdue post.

Remember those date night packages I did for Mr. P?? Remember December? Ya, that’s because I didn’t share. It has literally taken me since that date in December until now to get those photos off of his phone!!

Never fear! Here is what we did!!


the cute little heart looks like this:

We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens Trail of Lights!!! I got this idea from a Group – $10 for TWO!! Ya, that’s right a date night for $5 each. You can’t even go to the movies for that price.

So what is the Denver Botanic Gardens Trail of Lights? According to their website, picture this “With the foothills as a stunning backdrop, more than one million twinkling lights illuminate a winding path through the Colorado countryside.

Spread throughout Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield, Trail of Lights offers visitors a choice of paths; a shorter route takes visitors directly to the children’s play area, while an extended path allows visitors to explore the Green Farm Barn and silo before continuing onto the children’s area and 1880s homestead.”

AMAZING, right?

We were freezing and I had about 5 layers on and looked like the Michelin Man. The pictures are so horrible of us I’ll spare you. However, the pictures Mr. P captured on his phone… STUNNING!!

THIS WAS WITH HIS CELL PHONE!!! AMAZING DETAIL!! It just warmed my heart right up for the holidays. I swear that’s why we put lights up on our house – to avoid the dreaded feeling of dark, cold nights. So, my question is – do those in the Southern Hemisphere put up Christmas Lights?? A question to ponder, I guess…

Want more gorgeous photos?

and a few more…

We were absolutely stunned at the level of detail, work, and magnificent effort that went into creating this beautiful LED display. Yes, that’s right – environmentally & budget friendly too.

And we got to see it for 5 bucks.

Once we were completely memorized by the pretty lights, we went home and had a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows!! Picture perfect, fabulous date!

Now you know why I waited SO LONG to tell you about this date!!

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!

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