Infusion Outfit Inspiration – In a FUNK!

I’m in a FUNK. Not to be confused with funky. Just a bad FUNK.

What is FUNK? Well, its not depression and its not satisfaction. Its not sad, content, or happy. ITS JUST FUNK!!!

I tend to do this every once in a while. I go inward, dig deep, and sometimes never come back out. Others try to get me out, but in order me to be “Peachy” again, I have to do it on my own. IT SUCKS!! FUNK SUCKS!

So, what do I do to get out of a FUNK? Well, a few things that have worked in the past is that I try something new, sew, craft, work-out, Yoga, play games, and wear new clothing combinations and colors.

What’s a color that I’ve been eyeing?? Tangerine Orange. As a matter of fact, I used to own a pair of tangerine orange pants 10 years ago. They were fabulous, so comfy, and I had to throw them away because I wore them so much.

With that said, I would totally combine tangerine orange with gray. SO PRETTY!! If I had orange in my closet, I would wear this:


GORGEOUS RIGHT?? So happy, pretty, and spring like!! SIGN ME UP!!

What do you guys do to get out of a FUNK?? I’d love the suggestions because I’m really struggling here!!



Here’s to getting out of the FUNK!

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


5 thoughts on “Infusion Outfit Inspiration – In a FUNK!

  1. Hi
    Sorry to hear your not feeling ur peachiest ! happens sometimes to me !
    I spend some time doing stuff for me say pedicure or massage lunch with some girlfriends or low budget movie night with ice cream as you can see the theme is ME TIme and if your into worshiping the Lord then a good soak in his word helps to !

    hope your back to your peachy best soon
    Funks suck !



  2. One word for a funk ending way to bliss, a me day, phone off, call in sick go out for breakfast and coffee out,then a Pedicure in a color you love, then shopping for something amazing that you would not usually buy for yourself or something you have been wanting- followed by the best part of all a world changing blissful “Massage. ”
    No matter what it cost, or what you have to cancel to get it done. Book that massage asap.
    Do it right away and you will feel like superwoman the next day.
    Hope your feeling better!


  3. P.S> I also suffer from Chronic pain from arthritis and neck damage with a left arm that does not work due to extensive carpel tunnel-like you My left arm flops about like a dead fish and does nothing I ask it to. I agree we all have days were only a funk will do. SOmetimes you just have to have a couple bad days of pain away from trying to cope with world especially when the world is mean to those of us that are suffering in pain-our days are tough just to get through with dressing and preparing food. May your funk be followed by happieness and a renewed sense of strength that you know through your blog is and you are helping many of us that are in pain to and we appreicate you!!!!


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