Update: 27 before 2013

Oh March!! How I love you!!

I realized last night that I haven’t shared an update on my 27 resolutions before 2013 on this blog and its already March!! Well, lets take a look at my promises. HA HA…

Let’s start backwards and go from there…

27. Write about all of it. Sort of. I think I could do better about this. Although I’m posting at least two times a week (thanks to Funday Monday!), I’m not sure if I’m hitting the mark. Are the quality of my posts lacking??

26. Take more photos! I definitely need to do this more!! I took a few here and there in January but not many in February. So, that’s why I’ve decided to participate in a March photo challenge. What am I thinking? I am up to my eyeballs in projects, but I think it will be fun. I will post the pictures on the blog every Friday, except for tomorrow, because that would be weird.  I also think that posting a random pictures on this blog will get overwhelming and quite frankly, boring. If you really, really want to see my photos every day, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They will be shared there daily. So here’s the challenge:

Note that #26 is missing, so that will be considered a “my choice” day. 🙂

25. Get a new smartphone – I’m thinking an iPhone! CHECK and thank god for my iPhone. I cannot explain enough how much I love this damn thing. Especially Siri!! She has helped me keep my to-do list straight, send texts, and make phone calls while I’m driving. SHE IS AWESOME!!

24. Complete at least 5 craft projects off of my Pinterest account. I’ve sort of done this. I’m in the middle of some baby gifts. I have 4 baby showers coming up and I’m busily trying to crank my gifts out. Pictures and links to the project to come soon once the special gifts are delivered. Probably after the first week of April.

23. Go on a vacation. Nope, not yet, but my G-ma, Mom, and Sister-in-law are all coming mid-June till July 3rd. I AM SO EXCITED!! I haven’t seem them since my wedding, almost 5 years ago and I miss them oh, so much. I know it will feel like a vacation when they are here.

22. Wear more lipstick. I’ve been doing this off and on. Whenever the mood strikes. I’m trying to find a lipstick that stays, where I don’t have to apply it ALL the time!!

21. Add sponsorship to the blog. To be honest, I haven’t had the time. I really want to do this but not for my own personal benefit. I really want to do this to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation.

I’m also thinking of hosting a Pinterest Party fundraiser in support of the Arthritis Foundation and thinking about making that virtual, but haven’t quite figured out the logistics for this.

20. Raise at least $1500 for the Arthritis Walk. See above. I really want to hit that mark. I was $300 short and felt like crap about it. Especially since I’m the Event Co-Chair for the walk and on the national volunteer committee!! I need to fix this ASAP!

19. Finish the credenza (woaps!). Remember this credenza from my birthday? It is just sitting on my front porch; sitting there looking absolutely pathetic. But, I’ve got a good reason why it hasn’t gotten done. We had the snowiest February on record and the most horrific winds. I will not paint in that kind of weather or suffer through those temperatures in my garage. Credenza, you will wait!

18. Put up more pictures around the house. BAHAHAHA, something so simple, yet so difficult for me. Five and half years I’ve lived in my house and I still don’t have the pictures up. Lazy? No, not really. Chronic Illness and other catastrophes that have taken priority – you betcha!!

17. Organize the office. However, Mr. P and I are working hard to get this done. This needs to get done before we really start on taxes. It will make doing, producing, and filing taxes so much easier!

16. Finish the KITCHEN, for Peachy sake!! This is on its way to being done. How long have I been talking about this? I feel like a loser in this department, but it really hasn’t been our fault. Mr. P and I are using this new insulation (not installation, yes, I get those confused all the time!) in our house. It is approved by the federal government, but we’re the first to use it within our city, so we’ve had to go through all sort of hoops to try and get this thing approved. We are so far in, have spent so much time on it, that there is no point going to the other stuff. Especially since this new product is AMAZING!! Higher R value, no studs, and easily to install. Its like Lego’s and can be installed in basements! Seriously, I’m in love and will not give up on this. However, we bought my kitchen cabinets back in September/October. I am not even kidding. And guess where they are stored. MY LIVING AND DINING ROOM!! Believe me, I want this project OVER WITH!! I want to host parties again – I was so good at doing that when I lived in my old house. I want to host game nights and have a house I’m proud of. Right now, I’m definitely not there, so that’s why I have a hard time putting up pictures. I am not there.

15. Wear more dresses. I’m wearing one right now!! Last week in my FUNK, I wasn’t into dressing up or looking pretty. This week, I’m all about it. Yup, definitely think I’m getting out of that FUNK. Not 100% there yet, but soon.

14. Find a dress at a thrift store and fix it to my style! I haven’t even stepped foot in a thrift store this year. Wait, what?! Ya, I haven’t. I guess my sub-conscious is saying “don’t do it. Its just another project on your to-do list. DON’T DO IT!!” and shockingly, I’ve listened. Anyone want to come over and help me get these projects done?!

13. Find skirts at the thrift store and fix them to my style! See #14.

12. Hem the dress that’s been sitting in my closet for 2 years! Well, I started too. I took the dress over to mom to talk about the type of fabric on the dress and how I should hem it. The fabric is so delicate that I’m afraid I will rip the fabric!! The dress is still hanging at my mom’s house, waiting for my body so she can measure the hem so its even.

11. Try a new hair updo twice a month. This one, I have done!! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on 1 of the styles. If you want to try it, watch this video. She’s a bit sniffily in the video, but it has been the best success so far!

10. Try new recipes and blog about them. I started doing this, and was doing really well, and then February hit. I blame the FUNK! The FUNK I tell ya!

9. Wear my new contacts often! This is totally dependent on the day and how my eyes feel. I’m lucky if I can wear them once a week, but I guess I’m saving money by not buying more disposables. 🙂

8. Get a new haircut and style. I did this and I’m so glad I did!! I love my new haircut and actually in the need of a trim! A photo of this is on my blog homepage, twitter avatar, and my facebook avatar. I was super nervous getting bangs, but I’m really glad I took the leap!

7. Add Yoga to my schedule and go at least 2 times a week. I have not done this. Its actually my Lent promise. I was going to go Tuesday but I haven’t been sleeping well, or getting enough sleep. I will do this though!! I have too; for the increase in my stress levels AND the tension I’ve built up.

6. Then, increase Zumba to 3 times a week. This one doesn’t really make sense until you read #5.

5. Go to Zumba. Okay, that’s better. Yes, I’m going to Zumba. I talk about it constantly on the blog, twitter, and facebook. Ridiculous amount. I’ve increased it two times a week, and really trying to make it to that third class. But the third class, is on a Friday and I’ve been busy every Friday of the year so far. No joke!

4. Return back to my healthy eating habits. I’ve done this and I’m proud to say I’ve lost 10 pounds. With the increase in my exercise activity and watching what I eat, I’ve lost those crappy 10 pounds that snuck back on my body over Christmas break. I thought it was going to take as long as when I originally lost them last year (5 months!!), but nope, they disappeared quickly.  Please understand that I didn’t decide to eat healthy for my weight loss goals. That’s just a bonus. It is utterly crucial to keep this auto-immune disease at bay and under control. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that this arthritis I have, this ankylosing spondylitis does not affect my organs. I AM DETERMINED!!! And one of those ways is to eat healthier and maintain a healthy weight. I guess I’m pretty lucky that I’m forced into this, but its so worth it. I feel incredibly healthier. It improved my mood (except for the FUNK, which I don’t think was related), my skin, my attitude, and my arthritis.

3. Eat less chocolate. You can’t keep me away from chocolate. I tried so HARD!! The more I tried, the harder it was to stay away and the more I craved. WHATS UP WITH THAT?! That and sugar. I cannot get away from sugar. Okay, and salt. Yup, I’m one of those unfortunate souls who loves her chocolate, sugar, and salt. See why keeping up my healthy habits is crucial?

2. Go to bed early. More like 10:30pm not 11:30pm! HAHAAHAHA! Ask me this week and I’ve gone to bed around 12-12:30am every night. Tuesday night was the first time I’ve gone to bed before 11pm. Last night, 11:45pm. I desperately need to adjust this.

1. Try a Detox. No, I haven’t. I’m desperately trying to get over my fear of this. Maybe it would help me get out of my FUNK? I think another reason for the fear is not having enough energy to go to Zumba, Yoga, or be able to physically think. I get so well, umm, pardon the french – bitchy. I am the first to admit it and Mr. P is the first in line to agree. WOAH!! Watch out people if I ever get to this resolution. 😉

The End.

Oh wait, I’ve completed, wait, how many? 5. That’s a 18% success rate. Not bad since its just the start of the third month of the year!! I’m also in the middle of 11 projects that really can’t be completed until circumstances change or when this year is over. I guess that’s what makes them fun! 🙂

And that ladies and gents, are my 27 resolutions before 2013. What do you think? How do you think I’m doing? Any advice on some of the questions I had above like my sponsorship, chocolate, and detox dilemma? How are you doing on your new year resolutions?? I’d love to know. 🙂


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


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