A March Photo Challenge. Day 1-9

WHY HELLO AGAIN!!! Can you believe it?? I’ve actually kept up with my March Photo Challenge!

The Details: Take a photo every day in March according to the challenge guidelines.


Day 1:  Written Words. This is my work to-do list, not my everyday list! I think my handwriting doesn’t look half bad; right?

Day 2:  Shoes. I love these shoes!! And yes, I only wear flats!

Day 3:  Hands. I painted my nails and 6 days later, they are just now chipping. The key: buff your nails, wipe with nail polish remover, and add 2 top coats! We had this discussion on Facebook.

Day 4:  Drink. My favorite drink is WATER!! I love that water bottle. I customized it to my liking with the Arthritis Foundation magnetic logo and some tape!

Day 5:  What makes you happy. This art work makes me happy. My grandma made this and it’s all needlepoint!! Look at that detail!!

Day 6:  Nature. This is a plant in the house. Everything outside is still dead yet it’s nearly 65 degrees today. Good old Colorado!

Day 7:  Candy. My favorite kind is Almond Joy. Coconut is my favorite fruit!!

Day 8:  Dinner. WOAH dinner!! No, I didn’t eat all of it. It was actually split into two meals, but was made by Mr. P himself. Such a good chef.

Day 9:  Time. What TIME is it?? HA HA! A watch that I used to not like is now one of my favorite accessories!


So, what do you think? If you want to follow me on the photo challenge on a daily basis, you can on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Do you have a photo that you just absolutely adored this week? Do share by leaving a comment and sending a link. I’d love to know!


OH OH OH OH AND OH!!! I have some awesome, huge, fantastic, so exciting-I-can-barely-contain-myself news to share with you!! I have to wait a few more days until the details are announced, but let’s just say I’m proud of my pup, Mizar!!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!