A March Photo Challenge. Day 10-15

This week I’m surprised I’ve kept up with my March Photo Challenge as I’ve been sick most of this week. EEEP! I had so much to share with you all this week too. BOO!! But, never fear, I will catch-up and make this work!

The Details: Take a photo every day in March according to the challenge guidelines. Here are my photos from March 10th through March 15th:


Day 10: Phone. My screensaver on my iPhone!

Day 11: A Bag! My computer bag that I purchased at the thrift store a year ago for $3! Brand new condition

Day 12: Flowers! I love this color combo!

Day 13: My favorite food. Greek Yogurt! I have it every morning for breakfast with fruit and walnuts!

Day 14: A shadow! This is my greenhouse! Look at those lovely’s grow!!

Day 15: A belt!! I love this belt!!


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Do you have a photo that you just absolutely adored this week? Do share by leaving a comment and sending a link. I’d love to know!


Stay tuned for tomorrow as I will be announcing my awesome, huge, fantastic, so exciting-I-can-barely-contain-myself news to share with you!! Remember – its about my pup, Mizar!!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!