Funday Monday – Err Tuesday!

Well, I screwed up. This Funday Monday is being delivered to you on a Tuesday. I hope you’ll forgive me!! I have been so busy, so swamped, that I barely have enough time to eat. I am not kidding!!

Yesterday we took all three cats to the vet. Pluto got a teeth cleaning, a physical, and an updated Rabies shot. Mars and Orion just got a physical and the Rabies shot. Anyone who says cats don’t have personality have never met mine. They act completely different and its no different at the vet…

Mars just wanted to cuddle!!  AT THE VET! A cuddle at the vet.


Orion on the other hand, hid under the chair. She was growling at me when I took this photo.

*sigh* she’s still mad at me!!

Pluto is doing great but wouldn’t hold still for a photo. Silly guy.

So, in honor of him, I present you this Funday Monday video…on a Tuesday! This is Pluto 100000000000%


Do your cats have personality???

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


4 thoughts on “Funday Monday – Err Tuesday!

  1. Mine is scared of people, at the vet she trys to be invisible and makes the most pitiful sad little sounds like a low moaning sound.. We have our annual dental cleaning tomorrow and she already knows something is up. She is hiding outside under the garage! She is very smart and if she hears me make an appointment on the phone, she knows she is doomed.


  2. My cat is 16, she is a terror at home and a sweetie pie at the vet. Everyone coos over here and says how nice she is and I just laugh. She gives these wimpy little cry’s and cuddles with them. At home she slaps me, bites, hisses at me all the time and refuses to be held, ever. Her favorite thing is to attack my face with her claws. Forget sitting on a lap, never once in 16 years! But I adore her wild personality and we get along great. I respect her space. Every morning before the alarm, she does come to bed and snuggle for about 2 minutes before she turns into wild cat again. , so I know she really loves me. Her favorite thing is to sit outside in the sun in her catnip plant with me in a chari reading next to her, then she will reach over and pet me . so I am loved!


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