Infusion Outfit Inspiration -What’s in the bag…

Some good news today!!

First off, my team for the 2012 Denver Arthritis Walk is featured on the HOME PAGE!! Ya, that’s right!! HOME PAGE!! Get your butt in gear and register today to be on my team. Not in Denver? No problem. You can help me raise money virtually. Fundraising not your thing? Donate instead. 🙂 ROCK ON!!

Last, its REMICADE DAY!! Oh how I love thee drug. Well, except for the whole warning label thing. 😉 With it being REMICADE DAY, it means it’s Infusion Outfit Inspiration Day. Today, I kept it really simple, but I also showed you what’s in my bag. 2 hours is a long time, so you must be prepared. 🙂

Check it out:


Oh how I really want that dress!! It’s under $50 and gorgeous. Perfect for those cool spring days and hot summers. *in love*


what's in the bag

My lovely kindle, a magazine to entertain my eyes, my iPhone so I can keep in touch, my headphones so I can either listen to music, watch videos, or watch TV (yes they provide a TV!), my neck pillow and fleece blanket to keep me warm & cozy for when I doze off (which is often). I also usually bring some type of healthy snack, like an apple, carrots, or an orange to go along with my tradition of chocolate chip cookies and apple juice provided by my infusion center. Well, I hope you were inspired by my infusion outfit segment this month. 🙂

What’s in your bag (infusion or not!)??

Any good news for you?

We’re on the HOME PAGE!!

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


2 thoughts on “Infusion Outfit Inspiration -What’s in the bag…

  1. Peachie hon, you are such a inspiration to me. I struggled with going out today unable to move my neck, to get grocries today with my neck in a brace, with people staring at me and pointing. Realizing reading your post that I can be cheerful, dress up, and be amazing through the pain. Thanks so much for lifting me up today. After I read your post I put my brace on tight, put a smile on my face and took a walk outside. God Bless you for the differance you make in my life.


    • Oh Lexie, this touched my heart in so many ways!! I’m so happy that you took a chance and did something for yourself. Don’t let anyone judge you due to this awful disease!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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