A March Photo Challenge. Day 16-22

Here’s this week’s photos.

The Details: Take a photo every day in March according to the challenge guidelines. If you want to follow me on the photo challenge on a daily basis, you can on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Otherwise, here’s a recap of my photos from March 16th through March 22nd:

Day 16: A heart! This is actually a mug, if you can believe it!

Day 17: Green. My lavender heating pad that improved my recovery time!

Day 18: A dog! Meet Mizar, my dog! 🙂 The 2012 Denver Arthritis Walk Dog Honoree!

Day 19: Make-up! This was my grandmother’s mirror.

Day 20: Stuffed animal! Meet “Hoot”! My husband’s old cuddly toy. Isn’t he cute???

Day 21: Paint! Well actually nail polish. 😉

Day 22: Mail! Stamps are fun.


How did your week go? Anything you could of done to make it extra special?


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!