Oh ya, date night…

It’s been a while since I’ve last updated you guys on date night. I’ve been continuing the tradition of completing a date night once a month with Mr. P. However, I haven’t continued the tradition of sharing. SHAME ON ME!! If you’ve missed the others, you can find them all listed on this fancy new page!

So, here’s a catch-up of January and February date nights.

January’s little note:

and the cute little heart:

and we didn’t do this date. HAHA HAHA HA! Something better came along!!

In early January, a local radio station hosted a contest on Facebook for a chance to win tickets to the theater. The contest, answer the question: What do you talk about around the dinner table? and I answered: We talk about our crazy dreams like going on a safari without any repelant or marrying Tim Tebow. Needless to say, I won.

What tickets did I win? Two tickets to go see a play called “Two Things you Don’t Talk about at Dinner”

Its’ about a lady named Myriam. She hosts an annual Passover Seder, has a multicultural mix of family and friends, and threatens to explode as politics and religion hijack the conversation, severely testing the ties that bind.

WHAT A FABULOUS PLAY. If its in your area, I highly recommend going. It was HILARIOUS!! HILARIOUS!!! 🙂

Mr. P and I love going to the theater and we wish we could go more often, but sometimes the tickets are out of our price range. However, it was a real treat to win tickets!!

If you’re in Denver, not only send me an email (hey, we’ll meet up!), but be sure to check out our fabulous theater choices!! If for any other reason, to see the art that’s displayed in the lobby.

Can you believe this art work is on the ceiling???

For February, I had my game face on…

and the cute little heart:

One of our favorite past times as a couple is to play board games!! Of course, for Christmas we bought some new games and they were still wrapped in cellophane. How dare we!!

So, we cracked open a bottle of wine (and this kind is my new favorite and I, of course, have to have it in my special wine glass!):

So, what kind of games do we like to play? Challenging, logical, intense, strategy games. We recently purchased Ticket to Ride: Europe and Pandemic. If you’re into some serious strategy games, these are definitely a must have!!

And of course, we played until our hearts were content. Exactly what we needed!!

Do you guys play games? Do you enjoy going to the theater? I’d love to know. 🙂

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


2 thoughts on “Oh ya, date night…

  1. I am a musical type of babe! I just love musicals as they transport me away into another world. And yes, I also enjoy plays. And yes, I do them very limited due to expense as well 😦 I love that you won the tickets! And I love your wine glass. I splurge on coffee mugs because they make me smile when I use them. Ain’t life just grand when it’s a date night?


    • I love musicals too!! I absolutely love the musical “Wicked”. I did have three matching wine glasses to that one, but they all broke. Silly cats!! So, this glass is extra special. Only I can use it and its put in a very special place. Funny, funny!! 🙂


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