A March Photo Challenge. Day 23-30

Can you believe that March is almost over?? How time flew by!! I can’t believe I finished it!!! If you missed the others, here you go: week 1, week 2, and week 3. Here’s week 4, a recap of my photos from March 23rd through March 31st:

The Details: Take a photo every day in March according to the challenge guidelines.

Day 23: Gum! I love bubblemint flavor.

Day 24: Sun! Actually Daffodils! A favorite flower of mine. So cheerful & sunny! 🙂

Day 25: Hands! My Daddy’s hands working on a project.

Day 26: Free day!! My brand new curling iron! The old one bit the dust!

Day 27: A mustache! Hehehe I had fun with this one! 🙂

Day 28: A bunny! This candy bowl is so cute!

Day 29: A cup! I’d rather be in California. Unit then, I’ll savor the moment with coffee!

Day 30: A toothbrush! My electric toothbrush. 🙂

Day 31: Phone case! Bought & took this photo awhile ago but I cannot rave enough over Speck Products!


So, did you guys like the March Photo Challenge? Should I participate in the April one?

Send me a comment and let me know!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


2 thoughts on “A March Photo Challenge. Day 23-30

    • Hi Emilie,

      At the end of February I heard there were photo contests on Instagram but really didn’t know much. One of the people I follow created one, and I jumped on it. She of course, didn’t like it, and went with FatMumSlim. I decided to follow through with the rest of March and jump on the bandwagon in April. 🙂 Let’s follow and encourage each other! PS – I love your blog!!! 🙂


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