Funday Monday – Announcements

Hey Peeps!! A few updates before we move onto the Funday Monday post. They’re too good not to share!!

1) April Photo Challenge – I’ve decided to continue the Photo Challenge for the month of April. I’ll post a recap every Friday, but if you can’t stand the wait (ha ha!), you can keep a look out on a daily basis by following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to say hello and I’ll follow back. 🙂

2) Spring Cleaning – I have a new project I’ve create on my own. Let’s just say it involves my closet, a deep spring cleaning, and I’ve incorporated a 3rd party fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, Denver Arthritis Walk. The details announced some time this week as I want you to participate too (virtually or locally, *squeals!*)!

3) Sponsorship – I’m almost done figuring out the details. This will be announced some time this week too. I don’t want this blog to become all about sponsorship, all about product, or bombarded with anything else. My intentions are as follows: 1) all money generated will to go towards my fundraising efforts for the Arthritis Foundation, Denver Arthritis Walk, 2) create some fun giveaways because you guys are awesome and 3) to support local/small businesses. I hope by announcing this new chapter I have a win-win-win for all. 🙂

4) Blog-o-versary – Wait, what?? THE ANIVERSARY for my BLOG is THIS Friday, April 6th!! I want to celebrate!! I’ve been blogging, on a regular basis now for almost a year. THIS IS HUGE!! I never thought I’d get this far, or have the willpower to do such a thing, or enough topics to talk about, so I want to CELEBRATE. However, I have no idea on how. What do you guys want to see? A giveaway? A video of Q/A? An update? What I’ve learned the last year as a ‘blogger’? TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME 🙂

In other words, multiple posts coming your WAY!

Onto Funday Monday, as promised. 🙂 This one came to me via Facebook and has spread like wildfire!! Since I’ve been to three baby showers in the last 17 days, I thought this was UTTERLY appropriate, hilarious, and just entertaining.


I LOVED THIS!! Its so nice to see a soon-to-be-mom embrace her beautiful body!! So clever, too!

What do you think? Be sure to let me know what you want to see for the blog-o-versary!

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


2 thoughts on “Funday Monday – Announcements

  1. I would really love some tutorials for those of us who are a bit, um, dim witted with regard to the technology we have to use to actually blog. Like, how and where in the dashboard do we put the widgets for the sketchbook project, etc.? And how do you create a new hashtag in Twitter and get others to use it? Stuff like that.


  2. Hi Peachy,

    Love your blog. Happy Anniverary for Friday. Wow the year has gone fast!
    I would like to celebrate your anniversary with a post on what you have learnt and where you like to go, also something fun. (Also a pic of your cats.)

    Huge hugs.

    Lorna x


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