Let’s swap!

First off, thanks everyone for the wonderful responses for the Blog-o-versary. I thought I was excited before, but now I’m SUPER excited and I have my idea brain ticking away!

Speaking of ideas, as I mentioned yesterday as part of my announcements, I was going to talk about my Spring Cleaning idea!! The idea came on Sunday afternoon, after I finished making some gifts for some baby showers (pictures/tutorial coming soon!). My entire sewing machine and craft area BLEW UP!! I had left over string coming in every direction, pieces of cloth just sitting there, and no trash can to be found. Once I started picking-up, I couldn’t stop. I just needed the motivation.

Of course, I couldn’t stop. Oh no, I moved onto my closet!! YIKES! Let me back up. Putting away laundry for me is a huge task. I hate doing it. Yes, I’m one of those people who has a wonderful, gracious husband who washes the laundry. EVERY TIME!! However, I hate putting it away. I HATE IT!! It sits in a pile, right next to the bed. A horrible, horrible habit, I know. Its even so bad, that sometimes Mr. P doesn’t put away his laundry either. Then we’re climbing over CLEAN LAUNDRY!! ITS CLEAN! The dirty always makes the hamper, but the clean never makes the closet.

Then it hit me. I should apply the same organization that I did for my crafting/sewing area to my closet. If it doesn’t have a purpose, it shouldn’t be in there. But I don’t know about you, but I DO NOT HAVE 4 HOURS TO DEDICATE TO THIS. To be quite honest, it would probably take an ENTIRE DAY. I also do not have the room to pull out all of my clothes (yes, I own that much!) or the energy to go through each item. Sheesh, I’m tired just talking about it. So, in comes my fantastic, creative idea!!

Put away the laundry that I usually wear in a different closet. Now, I’m pretty lucky that we have two extra spare rooms (enough room for my Lady-in-Laws to come visit us for 3 whole weeks in June!), which means, two extra closets. Now, in the mess that is called a fixer-upper house, there is something going on each room. Practically every closet. But I found one closet that was available for this project. I took the hangers out of my master closet, hung up my clothes that were just washed (SHOCKING, I know!) and put them in this spare bedroom closet. We’ll call it Bedroom A. Actually that’s what Mr. P and I normally call it, so its appropriate. 🙂

So, why put away the laundry that I usually wear in a different closet? Because now I’m forced to decide what to wear based on clothing that’s in my Master Closet!! The beauty of it is I will now be able to see what I normally wear, what I don’t want to wear, and do this entire task little by little, every day. SCORE!!!

Sound like an awesome plan? You can join me too!! Here are a few tips, and a bonus at the end!!

1) All clothing and accessories count! Yes, awkwardly, undergarments count too. If your like me, have two full drawers of undergarments (you know what I mean, so don’t try to make me blush here!) and I only wear, err, recycle, a quarter of those garments. So, why in the world do I have that old piece still in there? Why do I own white socks when I only like wearing black? Why do I have 20 belts when I only wear 2. SERIOUSLY? WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING?? You get the idea.

2) The deciding factor. How to decide what to keep? How to decide what to giveaway. Here comes the fun part! How do I decide what to keep? Key factors: did I like the way it looked on me? Did I like the way it felt? And the bonus, did someone compliment me? If yes, then keep!! It was a hidden treasure. How to decide to giveaway? Well, is it outdated? Did I hate the way I felt in it? Too small/too big? If yes, to these questions, put it in the giveaway pile.

3) Keep a notepad. Well, for me, I’m keeping a folder on the app, Evernote, but same difference. The purpose: If you wear an item you don’t normally wear and you decided by the end of the day you liked it, write it down. With Evernote, I can take a picture of the item so I don’t have to remember what it looked like, put it in a folder called “Keep”! If I don’t like it, I still take a photo/write it down, and put it in a separate folder called “Away”. This allows all the gently worn laundry to be washed together without a lot of brain work when it comes time to sorting.

4) Don’t give it away yet!!  After all the clothes have been washed, separate them. Put your “Keep” items in your other closet with your favorite items and your “Away” items in another pile. This is the fun part: decide whether or not your friends would like the “away” item!! Would your friend wear this? Could you see your friend in it (maybe if it was tailored?!)? Then put it in the swap pile.

5) What is a Swap you ask? It’s an event where all invited guest bring new to gently used clothing and accessories that are sitting idle in their closet and exchange them for something that will bring new life to their wardrobe. AND I’M HOSTING ONE!!

6) The details! I’m hosting a third party fundraiser at my house. It may be in a little disarray, because of all the fixing I’m doing, but I think it will be fun. And yes, that’s right I said third party fundraiser. I’m hosting a Clothing Swap Fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, Denver Arthritis Walk!! I’m thinking of hosting it around Cinco De Mayo. The swap event cost is $20 to attend (and goes straight to, you guessed, Denver Arthritis Walk!) and everything is up for grabs!  As people drop off items they’re given tickets for the amount they are donating- if someone drops of 8 items, she gets 8 tickets to “buy” 8 items at the sale.

7) Participate virtually!  Now I know many of you don’t live near me. Don’t even live in the same state. But I’d love for you to participate! Here’s how it works. After the party, I will post pictures on a Pinterest board. You like one of the items and  have something to trade, and its a mutual consensus (IE – I like your item!), we swap and ship the items to each other. We end up both getting a “new to us” piece of clothing for practically nothing, just the cost of shipping which should be less than $5. However, this is a fundraiser, so out of the kindness of your heart, I’d love to receive a donation (easily made online through my fundraising site).

8) Giveaway. Everything that is left over, or not claimed, will be donated to goodwill or another charity. Isn’t that awesome? WIN-WIN-WIN!!

That’s it!! 8 simple rules, one clean closet, done over an entire month, and then you get to SWAP clothes to receive NEW to YOU clothes!! Bonus – it can even be jewelry/accessories or SHOES!! Brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant.

So, I ask, will you join me in my Closet Challenge? If you do, let’s share pictures together on Twitter and Instagram (Android users – I just learned Instagram became available for you! Welcome to the new, highly addicted social interface!). We’ll use the hashtag – #apeachycloset. <— cute, right?

So, will you join me?!?!?! 🙂 Gentlemen, please feel free to join me. Mr. P will be participating too!!

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!