April Photo Challenge. Day 1-6

YAY!! Happy Blog-o-versary!! I’m currently finishing up the celebration post, so stay tuned!! Two posts, in ONE DAY!! The excitement!!

I had a lot of fun with the March Photo Challenge (week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4), that I decided to participate in the April Photo Challenge. The Details: Take a photo every day in April according to the challenge guidelines. Here are the guidelines if you want to follow along.


Day 1: Reflection.

Day 2: Color! All of my daily vitamins.

Day 3: Mail. I have too many personal mailboxes! Yikes!!

Day 4: Photo of someone who makes you smile. My husband, Mr. P! I told him to smile & this is what I got!! He makes any day better!

Day 5: Tiny! Quinoa is tiny. Very tiny in fact, but very good.

Day 6: Lunch! I took my salad and wrapped it! 🙂


Also, as requested, here are some cute pictures of my kitties (2 out of 3)!

Sorry its blurry. They wouldn’t stop moving!! 🙂


Blog-o-versary post coming up!! Are you excited? I KNOW I AM!!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!