Funday Monday – Spooning

WOW! First off, thank you so much for all of the tweets, messages, comments, and re-blogging of my Blog-o-versary. You are all amazing! It was such a blessing and honor to receive all of the messages over the weekend. I’d randomly burst into huge smiles and a few tears and say “Look what so and so said.” “Oh my gosh, I’ve been mentioned on someone’s blog! SO COOL!” Just a true blessing and honor. Don’t forget, as a way to say thank you, you have until Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 23:59 MST to enter into my giveaway!

On top of a wonderful way to celebrate, I had a fantastic weekend!! 🙂 Saw some of my old HS girl friends and we watched Titanic in 3D (yes, I did see it 3 times in the theater at the age of 13. Leonardo DiCaprio is just as hot as I remembered 15 years ago!!), followed by a quick stop for a drink and we watched some ladies get their groove on. Mr. P and I did a great deal of yard work (we’re actually seeing our hard work come to life! I can’t wait to show you guys in my new Garden Series), spent time with my family for Easter, and had pizza last night to celebrate such a fantastic weekend. Yup, definitely a great mix of chores and fun. 🙂

And now, we’re onto FUNDAY MONDAY. For whatever reason, I found this hilarious. SO I JUST HAD TO SHARE!!


What do you think? Awkwardly Uncomfortable or Uncontrollable Funny? You decide!

You know my vote. 😉

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


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