Infusion Outfit Inspiration – Lace me up!

Today is Remicade Day. A blessing and a curse all wrapped in one. A blessing because the drug does wonders for me. A curse, well because, its not a cure. 🙂

Since its Remicade Day, its also Infusion Outfit Inspiration Day. This morning I had a difficult time deciding what I was going to wear. I’m currently at a point with my wardrobe (since the closet clean out) where I’m starting to really realize that I hate a lot of my wardrobe and the fact that I have a lot of my wardrobe left is really disheartening. Do you ever have one of those off days with your wardrobe?

Today I was inspired by lace and kept it simple, fun, and spring like.

Lace me up! cropped

In reality, I’m actually wearing a similar lace blouse and my necklace pendant is a pink color that matches that cute bag. I do own those FABULOUS flower print kitten heels. Oh their my favorite!! And that pearl stretch dome cocktail ring…ya, that’s new and one of my favorite new accessories.

Here’s to a newer, cleaner, more organized closet.

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Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!