Funday Monday – Billion Bags

Hi Everyone!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you remember that yesterday was Earth Day? We sure did! We’re working really hard at finishing the landscaping so we can move forward with the fun part – gardening!

Over the weekend we accomplished removing the sod, weeding the ground, pulling the old roots, getting it level, and then digging a trench:

AND THATS ONLY ONE SECTION of our front yard that we plan on doing!! Sheesh! 😉

Of course, there was a mini break to enjoy the sun:


and we indulged ourselves in hard labor!! We prefer Ice Cream Cones:


While I’m recovering from my sunburn *OUCH!!* enjoy this amazing, fun video!




What did you do to celebrate Earth Day? Any landscaping and/or gardening projects? Do you use recyclable bags? Let me know!!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!