Funday Monday – Lion and a Baby

Hello Monday! Wow, you went by so fast I almost forgot about my favorite part of the day – Funday Monday!

This is absolutely adorably cute and disturbing all wrapped into a cute baby package.


What are your thoughts on it? Adorable? Funny? Cute? Morbid?

I’d love to know!


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


2 thoughts on “Funday Monday – Lion and a Baby

  1. Personally I think it cruel to the animals to have these type of enclousers. It creates a manic attack mode in the animals brain and as soon as it gets a opening it will go after someone. I think parents should not encourage their children to see animals in enclosures. Just once I would love it if the glass would break and the stuipd people would see a zoo cat in their wild true glory. I was at a wild animal park and saw a hyena go after a toddler. It was hysterical to see the parents acting shocked after they encourgaged it to tease the animal behind the keepers back.


  2. I think all cats use their paws to find out what things are and often used soft paws first. (no.claws) Maybe it was as intrigued by the baby as the baby was by the cat but for different reasons?
    Zoos are very good at educating people about different species and have great breeding programs. As so much of our habitat is being encroached on by houses etc. many breeds would not be alive if not for zoos. It is not ideal but I live near a safari park that gives the large animals lots of land and trees to live in.


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