Dr. ENT – Update

Well I heard back from Dr. ENT and this is what he said:



UHHHHH….why am I not happy about this??!?!?! What’s WRONG WITH ME?? I feel like I’m losing my mind a little bit these days. I was actually hoping that I would have to have the Balloon Sinuplasty done so I would feel better. Instead, I need to keep doing what I’m doing. BUT ITS NOT WORKING!!

I’m stuck. Between a damn rock and a hard place. So, I’m asking my fellow readers, what’s a Peach to do?? Do you have any tips, suggestions, or tools you use for your headaches, sinuses, and just pressure in general?

Please help. I’m pretty desperate.


Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


3 thoughts on “Dr. ENT – Update

  1. You should visit National Jewish Health and see what some of the top physicians in the world recommend!


  2. Peachy I hear your pain. That is irresponsible for a medical doctor to leave you without a definite answer. But that is the lousy world of western medicine. I have terrible migraines. I do not have sinus issues but my Mom did so I understand. I control my mirgaines by healthy eating, getting enough sleep and recognizing my migraine triggers. If I were you I would forget western medicine and move on to massage, accupuncture and meditation. I hope that helps, it sure helps me


    • Thanks Lexie for the support. It means a lot to me. 🙂 I hope to accomplish more meditation in the future and that some of these headaches are stress headaches. With free yoga in the park starting in June, I hope to go every Saturday morning, meditate in the sun and just soak up what the world truly has to offer. 🙂


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