MIA Funday Monday

Sorry I went MIA yesterday. Yesterday sucked. SUCKED! S-U-C-K-E-D.

The End.


However today, Tuesday, I heart you. I’m probably going to cry later because my BFF is moving in a few days and tonight is the last time I will see her for awhile. We will be watching Glee for two hours, drinking wine, eating a gourmet meal (because she is awesome like that), and having a massive ugly cry.

So since its a 2 hour Glee episode tonight and it has everything to do with dancing and singing, I thought I’d share this video. This is just so beautiful. It made me miss Winter Guard in a deep, deep way. I got very teary eyed when I saw this. Someone just slap me so I can stop with the CRYING already, PLEASE? Regardless, enjoy!



Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


One thought on “MIA Funday Monday

  1. I’ve also had some horrible-no-good-very bad days recently. I’ve also had to say good-bye to some amazing friends. I am sorry for your days and your good-bye, but I commend your choice of activity. Glee and wine? Awesome sauce.


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