Clearing my head

Ever have one of those moments where you stop and go:

“Why am I doing this???”


I got very, very busy. With my birthday, clothing swap, fundraising for the Denver Arthritis Walk, running a team for the Walk, as well as a committee, my anniversary, trying to get the landscaping done, clean and organize the house before my lady-in-laws arrive, and an infusion somewhere in there I’ve barely had time to rest and I’m feeling it.

I’ve maybe made it to Zumba 3 times this month when I’ve been trying to go three times a week. I stopped reading. I haven’t had time to spend with friends and family. To the point that within the last week I forced myself to make time to get a pedicure and have margaritas with a dear friend of mine. I also had to force time to go for a bike ride with my husband and to also read a new book. I stopped taking a moment to really enjoy life AND THAT IS NOT OKAY!!

I’ve over committed and some things just need to fall off. I’m thinking the photo challenge is going to be one of them. This month’s photo challenge has not been going very well. I think I’ve taken 4 photos in the last 14 days. I really haven’t found joy in taking them as much as I did in March and April. I don’t know if it is because I am OVER COMMITTED, stressed, or just tired. Maybe all three?

That’s also why you haven’t seen any kitchen challenges. Although I do enjoy cooking, lately Mr. P has been the one who usually puts something together for us. I’ve just reached my breaking point and its time I need re-think how I’m going to approach these, as well as other ideas from now on.

This blog has always been a work-in-progress and I appreciate you sticking with me throughout my learning curve. I’m not 100% sure exactly what category I fit in, but I do know I like to write what’s going on in my life. How I’m dealing with it, and how it affects my outlook on life, as well as my ankylosing spondylitis.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m refocusing this blog. I’m trying to make sure I balance my life outside of the internet and remember to LIVE it. Otherwise, it just gets redundant. I’m not going anywhere and I’m still going to write. I just need to clear my head to make sure its what I want to write about.

With that being said, here are a few photos that have put a smile on face the last few weeks:

What are things that made you smile this week?

Much Love,

If you’re a newbie here, welcome!


One thought on “Clearing my head

  1. Peachy not to worry! You must live life outside the internet! I have this struggle with over commitment like so many these days. I started slowing down when I decided that on May 1st,life was to be all about me and only me. I started Lauren Conrads countdown to bikini work out plan which adds time to my workouts. I just did not have enough time in the days with a sick Brother, his care,school, work, and my home to take care of. So I made a decision- I quit helping others for awhile and stopped making plans. Now I take my weekends to myself and am getting so much done. I still see my friends but when “I” have time. I take time to read in the backyard, sit with my elderly cat and watch her play and cook on Sunday a lovely dinner and a treat for the week. I am more more clam and feeling more centered. heck today I read a book in the sun, cleaned my fridge and did my floors. Part of our problem as women is we over commit because we do not know how to say NO!!


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