Funday Monday – More Landscaping and Pouncing Puppies

Wow!! I’m so shocked at how much Mr. P and I accomplish this weekend. Especially since we worked so hard last weekend!!

On Saturday morning, we rented this:

What is it?? A sod cutter. Yippee!! But since we drive a sedan, we rented one of these:

We got soooooooooo lucky!! This was the last truck in the U-Haul lot in the entire city!!

So, if you haven’t guessed it yet, yes, we cut sod all day on Saturday. At first we were going to be crazy fools and avoid renting the sod cutter machine. However, after an hour trying to manually cut sod the night before, our minds were convinced. Renting was essential.

Here’s what our front lawn looked like before:

and here’s the after!!!


Mr. P managed the 350 pound machine while I cut the sod into smaller chunks. Why smaller chunks? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SOD WEIGHS?? OMG!!! So HEAVY!! So yes, that’s why.

Here’s a picture of all the sod we moved:

We were exhausted!!

However, on Sunday, we kept plowing through. We want to get this landscaping over with!! So, we built one of the paths.

This particular path is built for access to our other GIGANTIC plantar box (still to be built).


Everything to the right side of the path will be another plantar box. We’re obsessed with our plants. Let’s just call this entire landscaping project our ‘KITCHEN GARDEN’.

We still have a few sections to go, but its nice to see some results at the end of all our hard work!! 🙂

So, how did the puppies do with all of this? Well, they acted like this every time we stepped inside:

I think they were excited as much as we were!!


How was your weekend? Accomplishing any summer projects? Are you finally seeing the results? Would love to know!! 🙂


Happy Funday Monday!

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