Infusion Outfit Inspiration – Craving

Let’s get one thing straight. I currently have a craving for floral, pink, and polka dots. Do I dare put them together? You bet!!


Luckily enough, one of my best friends gave me those Sally Hansen Nail Strips for my birthday. I will definitely apply those to my pretty nails ASAP!

Oh ya, and I really want white jeans. More specifically white skinny jeans. I don’t even own a pair of skinny jeans and yet I crave white skinny jeans. What’s up with that?! Anyway, what’s your craving?

Much Love,

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4 thoughts on “Infusion Outfit Inspiration – Craving

  1. For me its the new cobalt blue and white tops with my super comfy cute white Bermuda shorts.I walked into a discount designer outlet in Monterey and found these amazing tops all types, in this color combination. I admit it, I went wild and bought 4! I live in California by the beach and we wear whtle all year so they are perfect with my Bermudas. . Right now I am dying for more Old Navy Bermudasbut they are out online and at my store.


  2. I really love florals as you have seen in my blog and of course polka dots and pink!Which girl can’t love pink?!
    You can combine everything you want because in fashion mix and match is the most interesting thing to do!
    xoxo Lily


    • I totally agree Lily! Today I’m wearing gray and white polka dots, a floral skirt, and blue snake skin flats. As LC always says – have fun with fashion!! 🙂


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