Funday Monday – My interview

Dear Family, Friends, and my Fellow Blog Followers,

Thank you again for your wonderful support through the years in my adventure with the Arthritis Foundation and the local Denver Arthritis Walk. As many of you know, I have dedicated the time and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears towards this amazing cause in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases.

On Sunday, May 20th, I was awarded the 7 Everyday Hero Award. The 7 Everyday Hero Award is given to Coloradans who initiate solutions, motivate others, represent or serve working families and work on a nonprofit basis. I was nominated based on my continuous efforts with the Denver Arthritis Walk as Event Co-Chair since the 2009 Denver Arthritis Walk. The award ceremony took place at our Denver Arthritis Walk on Sunday, May 20th where Mitch Jelniker walked up on stage after my speech and presented it to me in front of all of the walk participants. It was a complete and delightful surprise!

After the award ceremony, Mr. Jelniker filmed and conducted an interview – with me! For this Funday Monday post (albeit a day late since I took yesterday off), I would like to cordially invite you to take a moment to watch the video clip that is being aired all this week on the local 7 News channel in Denver to truly understand why I have dedicated many years to this wonderful organization.

Bonus: You get to hear my real name AND hear me speak. 😉

After nearly four weeks since the wonderful surprise, words still cannot express the gratitude I feel. I am very honored, humbled, and I feel very blessed that this award was bestowed upon me. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the wonderful Arthritis Foundation staff members, my dedicated volunteer committee, and my family and friends. I do not know who nominated me, but thank you.

All my best,

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