Friday Favorite Fotos

Friday’s in the summer are the best, aren’t they? Especially after a productive, busy, insightful week. I especially love spending the weekend with family, friends, and food! I hope you enjoy this week’s roundup of my favorites, and have a wonderful weekend!

Favorite squishy face:




How I feel:


Before the freckle invasion:


Tea is a must for my English family, even in the summer:


Sometimes its the littlest of things that when combined together make an impact:


No excuses:

Here’s to a great weekend which will include my best friend’s bridal shower and BBQ with ALL of my family (Brother is in town from FL, my in-laws are still here, my sister!, my Aunt will be there, and some close family friends I haven’t seen in months. I can’t wait!

What are your Friday Favorites?


Much Love,

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