Funday Monday – Find Time For Yourself

Last Wednesday I received an e-newsletter from ChronicBabe. If you’re not subscribed and you’re a chronic babe, I recommend it. If for anything, for the free e-newsletter. She’s starting a new series called Girl Talk and I’m addicted to it after watching this video. However, I think both genders can relate to this particular video. We all need it. We all need to do this!!


I cried when she mentioned B&B&B. I’ve never had bourbon before in my life. The only thing I knew about bourbon is that its a very stiff alcoholic drink. Come to find out its whisky. Blek. So, I’d really like to replace it with wine. Yes, I’ll have a BBW, please.

I took a moment this weekend to reflect and to truly find out the reason why I cried when she mentioned B&B&B. Then it hit me – I’ve been going non-stop since mid-April and my body is screaming at me. I’m truly terrified and petrified I’ve pushed my body to its limits. But what’s a Peach to do??? Say no? Say no to family you haven’t seen in 5 years?

Well, sometimes. This is where my stoic side gets the best of me. Mostly I want to suck it up and enjoy the few days I have left with my family. Each hour more precious than the last. However I hate to admit that I’ve learned that you just need to politely say “no thank you” and take a break. This is not the time to be stoic. They’re family and they love you. Plus, who wants to hang out with a grouch anyway?

How do you control your arthritis when your family is in town?

Much Love,

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