Infusion Outfit Inspiration – Suddenly, This Summer

Well, something went really weird with my blog account. I used Polyvore website like I normally do for my Infusion Outfit Inspiration Posts, hit enter and all of a sudden I found it published on my blog!! YIKES!! I’m not that kind of girl to do a post without any explanation. So, I’m so sorry if you got this post twice. Now you know why.

*Back to the regular scheduled blog post*

Suddenly, this summer, I’m craving lightweight dresses, with extra amounts of accessories to dress it up. If you knew me 10 years ago, hey – even 2 years ago, it was torture for me to put on a dress. If you told me I’d have a craving, I would of laughed at you. Rolling on the floor kind of laughing at you because that’s how much I hated dresses. However, recently, thanks to Anna James at Fash Boulevard, I’ve had a craving for summer dresses. Call me crazy, but she taught me that wearing a dress is easier than…wait for it…jeans. I KNOW, right??!?! The last 10 years or so I’ve fought, full fist, with the fact that I look young for my age. Who knew slapping on a dress would immediately make me look 18.

Now ladies, I know your sitting there, rolling your eyes at me, saying – Peachy – you’ll love it when your older. Well, I’m not older, and I’m sure I will love it when I am older. But right now I’m 28 and my average age among strangers (yes I’ve kept a tally) is 16. DO YOU REMEMBER BEING 28??? Do you remember being 16? Do you remember how much of a difference there is in style? I DO!!

Ya, looking 16 at the age of 28 isn’t super fun. Mr P. thinks it has something to do with my Remicade medication. HA HA! Well, cheers to that! 😉

Anyway, something about a dress I just love is the fact it is so easy, simple, and fancy. It makes my mornings that much easier and as of late, I’ve needed that. You can take a simple summer dress and just wear it, or add accessories to fancy it up, or even layer it and wear it as a skirt, or with tights and a cardigan in the fall. Its so versatile and much better than just jeans. However, this craving hasn’t dissipated after I purchased 3 new dresses at Burlington Coat Factory for under $25 each. Ya, that’s right – UNDER $25. If you need new summer clothing, go NOW! But watch out for your budget. 😉

This dress was inspired by Anna James at Fash Boulevard and her delightful post about Lace. Like I said, she’s taught me a lot. Anna’s tips and tricks truly have been very helpful since I stumbled across her blog. If your looking for how-to’s, inspiration, and how to accessorize, she’s your go-to girl. I also really enjoy her Fash Fave/Fail Friday. Its hilarious.

With all of that said, I leave you with my Infusion Outfit Inspiration…




Ballerina shoes
$155 –

Checkbook wallet

Cocktail ring

Gee Beauty eye makeup
$130 –

Much Love,

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