I joined a Bike Challenge

I joined a bike challenge, but first, let me back-up.

Mr. P and I are cat sitting this week. Wait, what? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

Well, it means that we’re stopping by our friend’s house to feed the cats. 🙂 Our friends are currently in Belize on their honeymoon. Yup, that’s right, Belize. I AM SO JEALOUS!! But I know they are having a fantastic time. I was also in their wedding this past Saturday too. Wow, how time flies. I was a bridesmaid to one of the sweetest friends I have ever met. I was so honored she asked me and we had a blast.

What’s funny is that I met and knew her (now) husband before I met her. Crazy, right? Yup, my husband is friends with her (now) husband and they’ve been friends for 5 years now. They met at soccer. We’ve kept in touch over the years and have developed a loving, caring friendship. When I met his (now) wife, it was like an instant-friend-moment and I’ll never forget it. We met at a game night and were having a great time. Then all of a sudden, we both made squawking noises. Yup, squawking noises. We instantly became friends. She’s one of those friends that no matter what kind of day you’re having, you’ll walk away with your abs hurting because you laughed so much. She’s amazing!!

Anyway, they live about a mile away from us. It’s awesome! And since we’re cat sitting, Mr. P and I have taken the opportunity to hop on our bikes and head on over. Mile there, mile back. I’ve really enjoyed the quick bike ride and have been inspired.

Call it fate, call it inspiration, but when  I got an email from the Denver Post this week challenging me to shape up, I jumped on it. I’m shaping-up by participating in a 30-day challenge to ride my bike 100 miles in 30 days. That’s 3.3333333333333 miles a day. Well, I think it will be easy and quite do-able. Especially as I’m biking over to my friend’s house every day with a mile to and a mile back. That’s 2 miles! If I do the long route, I can definitely squeeze in 3.333333333333 miles to fit this challenge. 🙂

This afternoon, I plan on biking to the library to pick-up my audio book. That’s 4 miles round trip. Do you see how I’m making this work? Yup, getting out of the car and enjoying my bike.

I think what sold me on this challenge is that a) it’s free. b) it’s easy to participate. Its powered by MyMapFitness which is a company that has a lot of great app’s that calculates and records your journey. The best part?? The data is uploaded directly to the website for this challenge. I like easy and I like convenience. I’ll be using the MapMyRIDE app for, of course, biking.


If you’re in Denver, join me. I’d love to have a support group going. They are also doing the challenge for runners, walkers, and for those who just like to work-out. If your not in Denver, you can see my progress on Twitter.

So, in other words, I’m pretty excited about this challenge!! 🙂 I hope I can keep it up and not get discouraged by the hot weather. After all, I’m doing this challenge in the middle of July. Call me crazy!!

Do you sign-up for challenges to encourage you to do something outside your comfort zone? If so, what challenges have you signed up for? Have you failed miserably or exceeded your expectations? I’d love to know. 🙂


Much Love,

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  1. What I fun challenge! I am in Denver (or close anyway) and love to ride my bike! Last summer I did a century (ekk!) but this sounds great and not as intense.


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