An encounter of the smelly kind

How do I even begin to describe the disaster that took place at my house at 1AM?


Question: What’s worse than 1 dog smelling like a skunk?

Answer: Three black labs smelling like a skunk at 1AM.

Yup. How do I even begin to describe this fun adventure with these three stooges of mine. As if the grapes, candles, stomach problems, cuts, scrapes, ear infections, eye infections, a car accident, and wasps inside my house weren’t enough of an adventure over the few years.

I should of known better. It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of these adventures and I guess we were due. Maybe?

At 1am Mr. P came into the bedroom, turned on the light and immediately said “we have a problem with the puppies and I’m going to need your help. I know its 1am, but this is critical.” The words CRAP, SHIT and Emergency Vet came to my mind immediately. After wiggling a little bit (because after all, I don’t get out of bed easily), I got out of bed.

And then, it hit me. Like a ton of bricks falling on my head, except it was a disgusting stench creeping up my nose. Immediately the stench overcame my entire my mind. I had a gut feeling that this was going to get worse before it got better.

Mr. P continued to explain the situation. “The pups found a skunk. Its dead. I don’t know if they killed it or the fox in our neighborhood brought it into our backyard. Who knows. All I know is that they stink and its dead.”

Ya, they do stink. OMG, barf-o-rama, they stink. Great……….

He continues, “I’m going to need your help cleaning them. Each one needs to have a bath.”

AT 1AM? At 1AM!! O. M. G. AT 1AM!!

Mr. P found the best smell sterilizer out there, and come to find out from the vet, its the best one. Yay, go Mr. P.

The concoction: Dish Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and a Wash Cloth/Comb.

Luckily enough we had all of these on hand, otherwise, our little adventure would of taken us to Wal-Mart at 1AM!!

So, we picked the first pup, who also happened to receive the brunt of it – Cent. Poor Cent!

We puppy proofed the bathroom, created the concoction, put the puppy inside the tub and away we went. Carefully avoiding the eyes, nose, and ears. Of course, Cent has been battling his own health issues lately including eye, ear, and skin infections over the last 6 weeks, so he wasn’t exactly a happy camper. We worked quickly knowing we couldn’t leave this powerful potion on him longer than 15 minutes.

After the process took place, we washed him as we normally would. Luckily enough, from a young age we taught our puppies to behave with these strange situations. You know, like bathe them, take their temperature, and give them pills. Oh yes, we taught them all of this at a young age and I’m glad we did.

After Cent was all cleaned, we had to clean the crates. Why the crates? Well, Mr. P had to put them somewhere at 1am and he definitely wasn’t going to keep them outside with the skunk!!

Once Cent was done, it was time for Mizar. I wish I would of thought at 2AM to take photos of Mizar’s face because it was priceless. He had an attitude of “I’m putting up with this idea at this crazy damn hour because I smell.” It was hilarious!! Then we moved onto Phoenix – no story there. Sorry.

Then the gross part came. Disposing of the skunk. After all, it was in our backyard and we couldn’t leave it there for the dogs to have it again. I WAS NOT REPEATING THIS ALL OVER AGAIN!!

This part is a little blurry because I didn’t handle the situation very well and I cried a lot. It was so disgusting and I’m so glad Mr. P handled it. I just had to hold the bag and that was enough of a freak-out situation for me.

I’m happy to say that the puppies are doing fine, albeit still a little smelly! Animal Control came by to pick-up the skunk and currently our puppies are on quarantine. Yup, quarantine! Guests are forbidden to visit and the dogs are only allowed outside in the backyard until we hear the final results of the testing they’re doing on the skunk.

What are they testing for? Oh you know, RABIES. GAH!!! I’m so glad their  current on their shots which meant we got to avoid the emergency vet and/or our regular vet for boosters or extra shots. Why? Well, come to find out we would of been in big trouble had we actually left the house because there is one slight issue with this quarantine business. We can’t take them to the vet without special permission from Animal Control. UMMMM – have you met my three?? Heh. Heh. Heh.

But, of course, this situation is just perfect and appropriate considering it’s their 4th birthday!! Happy Birthday Puppies. Here we go – onto another adventure…


So, I have to know. What’s the worse your pet has gotten into?


Off to go purchase some scented candles,

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One thought on “An encounter of the smelly kind

  1. Oh I feel your pain. My 16 year old cat just got skunked right up against her face so it was super painful and frightening for both of us. I was holding the actual skunk spray that sprewed out of her eyes, nose and throat while she screamed like I never heard a animal scream. It was heartbreaking, her eyes swelled up and she kept trying two paw at her face. The screams went on and on due to the extreme pain she suffered.. I used the same receipe, albeit the dishsoap was organic lemon grass which was a blessing because it helped with the stench. It took me a few minutes to get her in the tub, fill it and dial the emergency vet hospital with the other hand while I googled skink remedies! Finally I started with the receipe in a bucket and washed her anbout 5 times. The blow dry on a long hair cat was really torture for her and for me. That was a monthy ago and she is still traumatized, refuses to entre the bathroom and hates the front porch Poor baby! It was awful, so I feel for you what a mess it makes out of your pets well being and our houses, it took me hours next day to clean the bathroom!


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