If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you know that my business cards came in the mail on Monday.

Now, why in the world would I need business cards, especially for a blog? Well, in less than a month I will be traveling to Las Vegas to an Arthritis Foundation Conference. At last year’s conference, volunteers and staff members alike asked for my business card and I felt like a fool. I didn’t bring any. Hey – I didn’t have any.

So, I made a plan to make sure I wasn’t that fool again. But I want them to stand out and say “me”.

The problem was trying to find something that was cute and a style that I liked. You see, I like the light pink background on the blog, as well as the stripes I have on my Facebook cover photo. I call it a “peachy pink color”. Just perfect, if you ask me. 😉

I also wanted stickers. The idea behind the stickers is to put them on the business card so people remember exactly where they met me – in Las Vegas! I didn’t come up with this brilliant idea, but have borrowed the inspiration from a blogger I follow regularly.

But finding stickers to fit a business card, that weren’t your standard boring B&W print was difficult.

Then fate strolled on in and showed me the way. Another blogger I follow hosted a giveaway on her site to They print custom business cards and, you guessed it, stickers!!

I heard of this site before, but totally forgot about it. They had exactly the options I was looking for at a price I was comfortable paying.

So, I got to work immediately. I developed a design, received input from Mr. P, and got lucky figuring out how to turn my design into 300 dpi without Adobe Photoshop. Ya, that’s right people. This was designed in Microsoft PowerPoint, then I transferred it over to Microsoft Publisher, which then enabled me to convert it into a 300 dpi JPEG.

Here are the results:

I AM SO PLEASED WITH THE RESULTS!! Mr. P came up with the social media icons – especially since I’m presenting a topic about social media at the conference. EEEEEE!!!

I love it. I love how I was able to use the font I wanted, the logos, the background, the colors, and that the paper is of the highest quality – a standard at I LOVE ALL OF IT. Best part – its not fuzzy!

So, if your looking for a creative, fun, and affordable results, check-out If you’re not convinced, maybe 10% off will help incentivize you. And unfortunately, this blog post was not sponsored by them, but if their interested, I’ve got options. 😉

Much Love,

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